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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

A girl with a movie clapperboard

The story of your life

14 May | 2013

The chapter of your life connects to a grand, epic story: the love story of God.

A heart shape lying on a computer keyboard

Finding love online

14 May | 2013

The pitfalls and practicalities of using the internet to start a relationship.

a blue umbrella in the middle of a dry desert

Thirsty for water, hungry for food

30 Apr | 2013

Healthy habits can help us head off times of spiritual drought, writes Heather Rodwell.

A rollercoaster

Contentment beyond circumstances

12 Apr | 2013

Jenny Collings considers how to leave behind roller-coaster Christianity.

A red boat on a lake after the storm has passed

In the same boat

11 Apr | 2013

Rosy Keane on clinging to God in the storm.

Shane Claiborne

Unfashionable revolution

10 Apr | 2013

Author, activist and speaker Shane Claiborne on living out social justice.

A woman reading a book in a hammock

Holidaying at home

26 Mar | 2013

You don’t have to ‘get away from it all’ to take a break.

A lighthouse in a stormy sea

Vision for the Lost or Lost Vision?

4 Mar | 2013

Major Harold Hill considers William Booth’s legacy - 100 years on.

Author Matt Crossman

An argument against everything

26 Feb | 2013

The same arguments have always been used to avoid change, says author Matt Crossman.