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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Life is like a jigsaw

23 Feb | 2015

theuns and Tania Henning describe the portrait of their life, from a farm in rural South Africa to making a new life in New Zealand. When they became parents to a child with autism, it added a colourful new piece to the jigsaw.

people in a food court

How to be a normal Christian

19 Feb | 2015

In the name of evangelism, Christians have a history of using everything from violence and brimstone to bumper stickers. But Ingrid Barratt examines how our most powerful tool may simply be our authentic selves.

people grasping a globe

Challenging Times for our World

19 Feb | 2015

As radicalism continues to scar the global landscape with hatred, an Army of love is desperately needed.

a marae

Learning from the Marae

18 Feb | 2015

A dream to visit and photograph every marae in the country has become a book about bringing cultures together for artist and Anglican minister the Rt Reverend Bishop Muru Walters.

a sign saying genuine fake watches

Beware of imitations

28 Jan | 2015

How do you know if you’ve spotted a genuine Salvationist, or if you’re just looking at some wannabe or poser?

Sheryn Adamson

Style council

7 Jan | 2015

Whether you know it or not, you have style, says image consultant Sheryn Adamson. The clothes we wear are a mirror to our soul, and Sheryn’s role is to bring out the beauty within and without.

a woman under an umbrella on the beach

Turning holidays into holy days

7 Jan | 2015

Wendy Sanson on why holidays are an invitation toward holy days.

a toy pig on a lifering

Facing up to debt

31 Dec | 2014

In her lowest moments, struggling with depression, addiction and debt, Tanya reached out for a tiny thread of hope from The Salvation Army. She held on and it became the start of a life transformation.

Graham Burt inside the Temple of Luxor

Long Story Short

18 Dec | 2014

A trio of passionate Kiwis—a shy evangelist, a passionate theologian and an entrepreneurial wordsmith—is retelling the story of the Bible for modern audiences.