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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

a sparrow sitting on a tree

Worth more than many sparrows

15 Nov | 2013

What God can each us through these everyday little birds.

song notes symbols on a colourful background

Mary's song

11 Nov | 2013

As we head to Christmas, Carla Lindsey begins a series examining songs that are part of the Christmas Story. Here, she reflects on Mary’s song—the Magnificat—and the story it tells of God’s relationship with Mary and with his people.

people holding hands in support

How Do You Feel? The Rise of Workplace Chaplaincy

8 Nov | 2013

After the central New Zealand earthquakes earlier this year, employers turned to workplace chaplaincy for support.

a fishing boat at sea

Less is more

5 Nov | 2013

What if we were radical enough to say 'I have enough'?

a woman relaxing in a field

Are you afflicted by hurry sickness?

7 Oct | 2013

Heather Rodwell recommends a liberating, restful approach to the praying life.

father and son playing

Single Parents

4 Oct | 2013

In praise of single parents, the unsung heroes among us.

ultra runner Claire Akin-Amith

Wonder woman

11 Sep | 2013

Ultra-runner Claire Akin-Smith regularly blitzes races of 100 kilometres or more. Faster than a speeding bullet she may be, but Claire believes anyone can get their body moving.

boy eating a cookie

Searching for treasure

11 Sep | 2013

Following the trail of breadcrumbs to God.

Jesus is not for sale

5 Sep | 2013

Jesus is not for sale, but it seems that’s how we often talk about him.