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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

A set table

Be a Blessing

14 Jun | 2009

If only we all saw our means to give as a beautiful blessing from the God that decided to bless us first.

Rubber ducks

Rubber Duck Race

28 May | 2009

Much in life is unpredictable if not truly random, but God’s love and faithfulness is certain.


Cross-Cultural Dialogue

18 May | 2009

There are some essential principles for effective cross-cultural evangelism.

Mum kissing baby

Mother's Love

7 May | 2009

‘Mother’—were she called by any other name would not her nature be the same?

Smiling piggy bank

Don't Head into a Spiritual Recession

4 May | 2009

We need to look at giving to God as a lifestyle, an ongoing spiritual discipline, rather than as a financial burden.


Don't pass Heaven by

20 Apr | 2009

Heaven is something that becomes so easy to ignore as we carry on in our daily Christian walk.

Eagle flying

Coming into God's Presence

15 Apr | 2009

God's presence is our inheritance, but we must take responsibility for cultivating it.

A hand in the spray of water

Who is Your Benefactor?

24 Mar | 2009

Are you thirsting for a more satisfying life? Seek the Supreme Sakkar and let him become your benefactor.


Form & Function

24 Mar | 2009

Our heritage will not save us—Jesus does. Our history will not sustain us—the Holy Spirit will.