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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Message in a bottle

Lost people found

12 Dec | 2011

Once God felt close, like a friend. But now he seems distant, like a stranger. Because of sin.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard

Jesus Came to Save Us

10 Dec | 2011

‘For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost’ (Luke 19:10)

Child frowing at a broken candy cane

The Christmas Blues

1 Dec | 2011

Jesus came into a season of waiting. Is this Christmas such a season for you?

Flower budding up through ground

Where is God in this Season?

5 Oct | 2011

Mixed with the blood, sweat and tears of life, are droplets of joy. God has something for you in this season.


Why Church?

3 Aug | 2011

Many people find church a hard part of their walk with Christ whether because of hurts, time commitments, circumstances or because they sense hypocrisy.

Happy Feet

Parable of the Lost Penguin

29 Jul | 2011

'If you do all this to save one penguin, how much more will the Father not do for you?’

Man reading a bible

The Bible Comes Alive

7 Jul | 2011

Up until that moment it had been stories. Most of them good stories with heroes, action-a-plenty, miracles and happy endings.

Man talking on a walkie talkie

Hearing from God

27 Jun | 2011

We might hear people say, ‘God called me to …’ or ‘God showed me that I needed to …’. But what does it actually mean to ‘hear’ God in this way?

Casa de Oracao in Brazil

God is Worth Finding

15 Jun | 2011

Is God tugging you to church?