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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

a man making a funny face

Invited to play

17 Jul | 2013

It's natural to grow up but God still wants us to play.

big man and small man

'Reality' TV?

3 Jul | 2013

Reality TV and the dangers of comparison.

Stan Walker

Will I marry Stan Walker?

20 Jun | 2013

How to deal with a teen celebrity crush.

The X Factor judges

Find your X Factor

20 Jun | 2013

Let God's wonderful creativity rub off ... on you!

Endurance cyclist Stu Downs

Going the distance

4 Jun | 2013

Meet record breaking endurance cyclist Stu Downs.

Alison and Simon Holst

Food, glorious homemade food!

4 Jun | 2013

Alison and Simon Holst on the simplicity of cooking.

A salt shaker

Well seasoned?

3 Jun | 2013

What does it look like to be salt in the world?

People grouped around a habitat for humanity house

From no house to a home in four days

28 May | 2013

Help build a house for a low income New Zealand family.

Dr John Perkins

Good news for the neighbourhood

23 May | 2013

Get to know American civil rights activist Dr John Perkins.