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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Woman giving a gift to a man

A Peculiar Tradition

10 Feb | 2010

What are we actually celebrating on Valentine’s Day? Sure, ‘romance’ is the obvious answer, but what exactly is romance?

Woman trying on shoes

The Second Journey

8 Jan | 2010

At its core, the question: ‘What am I going to do with the rest of my life?’ is concerned with investment.

Holding a baby's hand

Simeon's Vigil

14 Dec | 2009

I don’t think that you and I view Jesus’ birth in the same way that Simeon did.

Football goal

One Shot for Glory

4 Dec | 2009

Sometimes success comes down to a goal. Pure and simple.

Empty cage

The Mystery of Goodness

9 Nov | 2009

What will we do with the freedom God has given us? The invitation is to join a conspiracy of goodness in our world.

Wine glass full of water

When did you last believe in Jesus?

9 Oct | 2009

Step out into new dimensions of faith and see what God will do.

Light in a mine

Shine Your Light

5 Oct | 2009

You and I can be a light. The source and supply is Jesus, but the sharing is ours.

Peace bumper sticker

Give Peace a Chance

7 Sep | 2009

Those who make the world a better place are those who let their longings inspire prayers and then turn those prayers into actions.


A Roll of Sellotape

25 Aug | 2009

Somewhere along the line it seems that I developed a desire to pull things apart, inspect them, tape them up in new ways and admire my handiwork.