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A love transformed

Gloria McLean of Whangarei

Gloria McLean of Whangarei loves her new life with a partner transformed by the power of God.

Trevor, my partner and now my husband, had a drug addiction for nearly 30 years. Our life together was like being on a merry-go-round.

My emotions were up and down. Never knowing when he was going to snap, when things were going to go flying or when the kids were going to be yelled at. It was like living round a time bomb that was ready to go off at any time.

I dreaded going out driving, because if someone cut in front of us the red light would go off in him and road rage would set in. There was nothing I could say or do to calm him down; only a smoke of marijuana would do that.

Life became very unhappy for me. I started feeling anxious inside and fearing what was coming next.

I had no confidence to leave, but I was too scared to stay, so I found myself wishing a lot that he would always have a smoke on hand. When he smoked that was when life was calm and my family were happy, but at the same time I knew he could snap—just like that.

There were many times I would go to my room and desperately pray that things would change—that Trevor would find the help and support he needed. Deep down, I knew if that happened I would see the true love of this man.

To my amazement, Trevor came home one day and said he was going to get help, because he was sick of the life we were living. I felt so relieved, but at the same time I was scared at the thought of Trevor going cold turkey. We had gone through this a few times over the years and the coming down off drugs would always lead to anger and rage.

But this time was different. It seemed like a total miracle! Trevor enrolled with The Salvation Army Bridge Programme, working with [Lieutenant] Hana [Seddon]. He started going to Recovery Church each week and he started talking about God, which led to him dealing with emotions deep inside.

My kids were asking me, ‘What’s going on with Dad? He’s different. He’s not smoking or angry anymore.’ I replied, ‘Dad has handed his life over to God.’

Never again did I see the angry, unlovable man I used to live with. Instead, I saw a transformed, happy man, as God became Trevor’s life. And as Trevor was transformed, I was transformed too—through the power of God and the impact of watching my man walking his talk.

It didn’t happen overnight—this transformation took nearly three years. However, after seeing those changes in Trevor I decided to hand my life over to God as well. Three years ago, just before my father passed away from cancer, Trevor and I were married.

It is such a privilege to be living out my love for Jesus as a soldier in The Salvation Army, and I am proud to be a Māori Christian who is strong in the Lord.