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Heart-warming stories of people whose lives and spirits have been changed through Christ.

Heart-warming stories of people whose lives and spirits have been changed through Christ.

Ronji Tanielu

Serving the suffering church

6 Jun | 2017

Ronji Tanielu—a policy analyst at the Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit—has returned home after visiting 33 countries in two years.

Lyndal Subritzky

A future and a hope

26 May | 2017

The death of her mother caused Lyndal Subritsky to reach rock bottom, but God had a plan for her to lead her to an amazing new life, she says.

Leaso of Waitakere Community Ministries

The strength to rise again

10 May | 2017

Leaso’s life had been one of trauma and loss—but God has given her the strength to rise again.

A big donation

26 Apr | 2017

A friendship begun over coffee led Tauranga Salvationist Lianne Bateman to donate a kidney.

Molly Tootell of Palmerston North

Smoothed all the sharp corners

12 Apr | 2017

At 95 years old, Molly Tootell from Palmerston North became a soldier in The Salvation Army. You are never too old to find a sense of belonging in Jesus Christ, she says.

Sam Parker

Helping youth get through

11 Apr | 2017

Sam Parker, children and youth worker at Kapiti Salvation Army, struggled with depression and self-harm. But God restored him and his whole family.

Murray McLaren

From millions to microfinance

15 Mar | 2017

Murray McLaren has gone from a banker loaning millions to giving out microfinance loans through The Salvation Army in South Auckland and he couldn’t be happier.

Kate Geddes

Growing fierce warriors

28 Feb | 2017

Kate Geddes (23) has a heart for young people and their potential as ‘fierce warriors’ for God’s Kingdom.

Jan Impey

The impossible happened

11 Feb | 2017

Jan Impey, a Salvation Army officer for 35 years, was diagnosed with incurable cancer last year. She prayed for the impossible, and the impossible happened.