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Heart-warming stories of people whose lives and spirits have been changed through Christ.

Heart-warming stories of people whose lives and spirits have been changed through Christ.

Exploring wonderful opportunities

8 Jul | 2017

Peter Koia wants to help more people explore the wonderful opportunities that come through Salvation Army officership.

Greg Foster

An impact back home

23 Jun | 2017

After 26 years in international development around the world Salvation Army Social Housing (SASH) National Director Greg Foster says he’s excited to make an impact back home.

Ronji Tanielu

Serving the suffering church

6 Jun | 2017

Ronji Tanielu—a policy analyst at the Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit—has returned home after visiting 33 countries in two years.

Lyndal Subritzky

A future and a hope

26 May | 2017

The death of her mother caused Lyndal Subritsky to reach rock bottom, but God had a plan for her to lead her to an amazing new life, she says.

Leaso of Waitakere Community Ministries

The strength to rise again

10 May | 2017

Leaso’s life had been one of trauma and loss—but God has given her the strength to rise again.

A big donation

26 Apr | 2017

A friendship begun over coffee led Tauranga Salvationist Lianne Bateman to donate a kidney.

Molly Tootell of Palmerston North

Smoothed all the sharp corners

12 Apr | 2017

At 95 years old, Molly Tootell from Palmerston North became a soldier in The Salvation Army. You are never too old to find a sense of belonging in Jesus Christ, she says.

Sam Parker

Helping youth get through

11 Apr | 2017

Sam Parker, children and youth worker at Kapiti Salvation Army, struggled with depression and self-harm. But God restored him and his whole family.

Murray McLaren

From millions to microfinance

15 Mar | 2017

Murray McLaren has gone from a banker loaning millions to giving out microfinance loans through The Salvation Army in South Auckland and he couldn’t be happier.