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Heart-warming stories of people whose lives and spirits have been changed through Christ.

Heart-warming stories of people whose lives and spirits have been changed through Christ.

Gloria McLean of Whangarei

A love transformed

19 Nov | 2015

Gloria McLean of Whangarei loves her new life with a partner transformed by the power of God.

Making a difference

21 Oct | 2015

For Hamilton Budgeting counsellor Lucia Daniels a chance conversation with a Salvation Army officer led to the job she’d been looking for to make a difference.

Gary Davison

A place to belong

2 Oct | 2015

The Family Store in Panmure is true to its name—becoming family to a team of volunteers that have found a place to belong, says manager Gary Davison.

Bruce Roberts

A wonderful opportunity

11 Sep | 2015

After a career as a professional musician, Bruce Roberts has found his calling, passing on his skills to children in low-decile Christchurch schools.

Heather Daly, an Education and Employment (E&E) tutor.

Seeing students lives changed

19 Aug | 2015

Seeing students’ lives changed every day inspires former primary school teacher Heather Daly in her work as an Education and Employment (E&E) tutor.

Colonel Barbara Howell

A grateful heart

12 Aug | 2015

In 30 years of officership, Colonel Barbara Howell has learnt that she wants to live with a grateful heart, and eyes wide open to God’s goodness.

Margaret Abbott

The power of prayer

3 Aug | 2015

Margaret Abbott of Rotorua has discovered the power of prayer even in the youngest of lives.

Andrew McKerrow- chaplain to racing industry

I’m the most privileged guy in the world

9 Jul | 2015

A mistake responding to a cryptic job ad eventually led Andrew McKerrow to become New Zealand’s first horse racing chaplain.

Steve Skilling

A long road

26 Jun | 2015

It’s been a long road for Ashburton man Steve Skilling to gain control over his gambling addiction.