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Mission Resources

A woman and child read a book together

Our mission is to care for people, transform lives and reform society through God in Christ by the Holy Spirit's power.

  • Mission Plan

    One purpose: We are the Army that brings Life. Two practices: Living like Jesus and Doing Mission Together. For three years: 2016-2019.

  • Salvation Army Resources

    Salvationist Resources is your place for all Salvation Army-specific publications, resources, music and supplies, including uniforms.

  • Self Denial Appeal

    The 2017 Self Denial Appeal 'Love Changes Lives' runs from 23rd July- 27th August 2017.

  • The word 'ethics' written on a drawer

    Moral and Social Issues Council (MASIC)

    The Moral and Social Issues Council (MASIC) helps Salvationists reflect and respond to the issues of the day from a Christian perspective.