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Leadership Jesus Way

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The Way of the Kingdom

We live in a day when leadership and discipleship are critical issues for the church. Through the Leadership Jesus Way conference, a desire to embrace true discipleship will begin to grow and develop as the message of the Kingdom is heard and understood.

The way that God’s Kingdom is advanced here on earth is through discipleship: by men and women taking the time to build heart connections with others and to impart their wealth of life experience into them. Jesus role modelled this to us with his disciples in the Gospels. He came proclaiming and demonstrating the Kingdom of God and joined himself together with other men and woman so that they might begin to do the same. This process was called 'discipleship'. Leadership Jesus Way will give you the understanding of how Jesus discipled people and will equip you to go and do the same.

This conference will unpack the message of the Kingdom in a way that will captivate and inspire you. It will also lay out the practical ‘how tos’ for living as a disciple in God's Kingdom.

Leadership Jesus Way challenges all believers to examine their position as a disciple and follower of Christ. It will stimulate your thinking as it explores outside the box of preconceived ideologies and longstanding perceptions of what the ‘normal’ Christian life looks like. It will also appeal to your heart by calling you deeper in your walk with God, and demanding that you see you were born to invade the impossible. The goal is to create a fresh hunger in you to pursue the Kingdom of God like never before in your own life and in the world to which you live.

Major Ivan Bezzant

Major Ivan Bezzant, the course presenter, has been an officer of the Salvation Army for more than three decades.

He has a passion to seek the Kingdom of God and see God build His church in a way 'that even the gates of hell  will not oppose it', and to see people equipped into a mighty army, who will make a difference in the midst of the battle that God calls them to.

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Contact the Corps Growth and Development Department at Territorial Headquarters.