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Mission Plan

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God is calling us back to a focus on our hearts and attitudes.


The Salvation Army is an international movement and an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Our local mission statement is ‘caring for people, transforming lives and reforming society by God’s power’.

This Mission Plan clarifies our purpose and asks for a determined and unified focus on two specific practices over the next three years, in the hope that we will see greater fruit for the Kingdom of God and a significant, long-term improvement in our culture to support effective mission.

To clarify this culture, we’re also introducing a set of territorial values. 

To make the plan easy to remember, we’ve simplified it to 1-2-3:

One purpose: We are the Army that brings Life

Two practices: Living like Jesus and Doing Mission Together

For three years: 2016-2019

  • One Purpose

    Bringing Life is the overall purpose of our new Mission Plan.

  • Two Practices

    Living like Jesus and doing mission together.

  • For Three Years

    For three years: 2016-2019 We will continue to focus on our mission.

  • Mission Values

    To signal the culture we want to see, we have introduced seven values that we believe reflect who we are, how we strive to act and how we make decisions.