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Strategic Mission Plan

Under God's power, our Territorial Strategic Mission Plan is focusing our energies in living out the Salvation Army mission.

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In 2005, senior leadership asked what was holding us back from better achieving this mission. After widespread consultation, four main areas were identified that formed the basis of our Territorial Strategic Mission Plan (TSMP), with four goals for The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

After further consultation, TSMP was extended in 2010 for three years under the banner of ‘TSMP: The Next Chapter’, with updated goals.

No one realised the impact that this focus would have on our territory. Our attendances at worship services are now at an all time high; we are enrolling more soldiers than prior to TSMP; there is far greater awareness of poverty and injustice; and much of our siloed thinking has changed.

Surveys in late 2012 confirmed that Salvationists and staff are keen to continue with a Territorial Strategic Mission Plan. Having listened to the feedback and ideas, the following adjustments were made to TSMP:

1. Changing our goal of becoming connected, streamlined and mission-focused from being a separate focus, to reflect that it is our preferred way of working across all the goals
2. Adding a new goal to add emphasis to leadership development
3. Shortening each goal and adding two focus words to make them easier to remember.

Our current Territorial Strategic Mission Plan goals are:

Our commitment remains to the overall mission of caring for people, transforming lives and reforming society. Under God’s power, TSMP will continue to focus our energies in living out this mission in our world.