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General's Worldwide Prayer Meeting

woman in prayer

22 Oct | 2012

Join in with The General's Thursday morning Worldwide Prayer Meeting.

Dear Comrades,

As you know, I believe the Thursday morning Worldwide Prayer Meeting is one of the key elements of our One Army, One Mission, One Message vision plan.  I praise God that, currently, people from 132 countries are involved - more than the number of countries in which we officially minister.  However, I am still discovering that many of our Salvationists are unaware of this wonderfully unifying praying time together.

So, to help spread the message far and wide, two promotional videos have been produced.  One will be available for everyone to view from Friday 19 October.  This video runs for almost eight minutes, highlighting the prayer meeting and asking for prayer for each of the 12 mission priorities.  This will be on the General's website at:

You may wish to promote the video by posting the link on your territorial and divisional web and social media sites, or by making reference in your territorial newsletter.  IHQ will be promoting the video on its Facebook and Twitter social media sites, as well as the international Salvation Army website.

The second video is shorter in length (just over five minutes) and includes the same focus on the prayer meeting, but touches only on the first two priorities related to our spiritual life and prayer.  This will be used by the Chief of the Staff and me when we visit your territory.  We will plan to use it as part of our initial response in a public meeting and then personally expand on the message.  We will need a ten-minute time slot for this information sharing.  We are presently working with our communications section for subtitles to be generated so that it will be useful for different language groups.

I am making the videos available for you to view before the longer one is placed on my website.  Please use the following links: and

If you have the resources, you may like to make a similar DVD, promoting what is happening in your territory regarding the Worldwide Prayer Meeting.  We will be pleased to share the link on our international page.

Thank you for all your support of the Worldwide Prayer Meeting.  If you wish to have a DVD master copy of the longer IHQ video, we can make this available to you.  Please notify your zonal IS, who will make your wishes known to the IHQ communications section.


Linda Bond

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