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author Matthew Vine

God and the gay Christian

Harold Hill opens the pages of Matthew Vines’ defence of gay Christianity.

TV journalist and producer Tim Wilson

The media is not the enemy

Media Prayer Day, organised by the Christian Broadcasting Association, is on 10 August. It’s simply a chance for Christians to come together as individuals and communities of faith, to pray for our media.

26 July 2014 War Cry cover image

Are the Sallies too political?

The New Zealand General Election of 20 September is growing ever closer. The Salvation Army is preparing a series of short election videos designed to help people think about important issues facing all New Zealanders.

NZCU Baywide 'CAN DO' poster

NZCU Baywide 'CAN DO' 2014

Throughout August, NZCU Baywide will be encouraging its members and the wider community to donate much-needed cans of food for their local food bank

The General Andre Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox with leaders in Singapore

Reception for Salvation Army's International Leaders

British High Commission in Singapore hosts reception for international leaders.

Crown staff walk to support The Salvation Army

Crown Mid-Winter Sallie Fundraiser

On Saturday 2 August, Crown staff along with family, friends and dogs, will take part in a sponsored walk to raise funds for The Salvation Army’s work with Kiwis in need over the winter months.

some people looking quizzical

Imperfectly perfect faith

The New Testament reveals a God who perseveres with us regardless of our wavering faith, says Darren Elkington. It’s not about our efforts, but about God’s true perfection.

Are we a punitive society?

Ahead of the New Zealand General Election on 20 September, we are publishing material from a Christchurch-based group of Christians suggesting a ‘Gospel Manifesto’.

Womens Services Manager Jo Ralston and female clients of Epsom Lodge

A safe place to start again

The leafy middle class streets of Epsom, the Act Party’s electoral stronghold, are an unlikely place of refuge for the dispossessed and homeless, but this is the location of The Salvation Army's Epsom Lodge.

Contestants on House Rules TV show

Transform your inner world

I’ve become a real House Rules fan. For the uninitiated, this is an Australian reality TV show currently showing on TV3, where couples compete for the chance to have their mortgage paid by undertaking mammoth house redecorating projects.

12 July 2014 War Cry cover image

Let Trust Grow

I heard—and saw—the most powerful definition of what it means to take a leap of faith a few weeks back at Recovery Church.

Prevent People Trafficking Conference 2014 logo

2014 Prevent People Trafficking Conference Report

The primary aim of the 2014 Prevent People Trafficking Conference was: working together to combat labour exploitation and people trafficking within New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The church of the Good Shepherd in Lake Tekapo

Windows of opportunity

New Zealand’s spiritual landscape offers plenty of open windows to evangelism.

an icon image of Jesus

The prophet still speaks today- Part 5

Carla Lindsey on Micah’s life-changing closing words.

a man praying in a church

Just Congregations

How can we recognise a congregation that is living out the Bible’s call to justice?

John Maxwell

A safe place

John Maxwell found a safe place for those broken and bruised by life at The Salvation Army in Hornby.

Sai and Mere Gina

God's love is like an umbrella

All going to plan, Sai and Mere Gina will be ordained and commissioned as Salvation Army officers (ministers) in December next year. Sai took time out from his studies to talk to War Cry about his journey with God.

child dressed like a superhero

How to be a real life hero

We don’t all get to be what we wanted when we were kids. If we did, the superhero sector would be over saturated. But then there would be no one to do our accounts, and the dishes wouldn’t get done.

28 June War Cry cover image

Faith and works

Next weekend is Founders’ Day in The Salvation Army; a day when we commemorate the contribution of our early mission pioneers and consider how their example can inspire us today.

Salvation Army centres provide welfare services, support and education

Newfound confidence

Salvation Army centres provide welfare services, support and education to budgeting service clients who are on low incomes.