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Di Willis - Photography: Nick Reed, NZ Herald.

More than able

‘A church that doesn’t have disabled people in it, is a disabled church,’ says Di Willis, director of Elevate Disability Trust. Di describes herself as ‘very ordinary’, but it’s been an extraordinary life—among extraordinary people.

A sharpened resolve

Major Uraia Dravikula is the first Fijian officer to serve for 25 years and says the passion remains for God who saved a young prisoner plagued by violence and drink.

All brothers and sisters

A man imprisoned for his faith is left to die in the snow of Siberia, but is miraculously kept alive. A Christian family escapes after rioters destroy their home … Mike Burrows shares some astounding stories from Christians around the world.

Love Mondays a little more

What is it about a new year, month, week or day that offers a chance for a do-over? How many of us have made well-meaning decisions about changes we wanted to make and these lined up with a ‘new’ moment?

Family conflict at Christmas

The myth of Christmas is cosy, comforting, family togetherness. But those of us who come from actual families, know it’s just that—a myth.

Tell me the real Christmas story

It’s time to get to the heart of the Christmas story—God with us in our broken world.

Lisa and Krissy of the the Senior Friendship Programme

A special connection

For Krissy Lindsay volunteering for The Salvation Army Senior Friendship Programme has been a surprising and special experience.

Bernie and Helen Knowles

Only the name of Jesus

When Bernie Knowles woke up from a coma, he couldn’t remember who he was. The only thing he could remember was a single name. And that name was Jesus.

Christmas shouldn't be a killer

Some people prepare for Christmas months in advance. I tip my hat to these uber-organised souls, but I’m not one of them.

More astonishing than the baby

We had friends join us for dinner the other evening. It had been a while since we’d caught up, and the thing that really struck me about their family was how much their daughter had grown.

Do wise people still seek Jesus?

Open your eyes to your hunger for God. Open your heart and mind to the possibility that God exists.

Selwyn Bracegirdle

Part of a rich heritage

Selwyn Bracegirdle’s work in the Archives and Heritage Centre is bringing our rich history to life.

an earthquake damaged road in Kaikoura

Here we go again

Just after midnight on 14 November, many around New Zealand had a rude awakening. A 7.8 earthquake struck 20 km south-east of Hanmer Springs and was felt up and down the country. I

Malcolm Herring and Soloman Islander

Oh, the places you'll go

The life of officership is a life of being surprised by God. In retirement, Malcolm and Laurel Herring have just spent 16 months heading up the work of The Salvation Army in the Solomon Islands.

26 November 2016 War Cry cover image

Move yourself away from anxiety

Many of us will be facing a busy few weeks before Christmas. Certainly for The Salvation Army there’s a lot to be done, with preparations already underway to help people.

The painting of The Annunciation on the main altar of Catedral de Cristo Salvador by Juan de Borgona (1512)

When Mary said yes

The words of an angel helped Mary keep going when the path was hard.

Darrell Rurawhe

The tools for freedom

After 25 years of addiction, Darrell Rurawhe got the life tools he needed from The Salvation Army.

tv broadcaster Tim Wilson

Take me home

We ask New Zealand’s quirkiest TV reporter Tim Wilson to ‘take us home’. And we discovered he is not only the likeable guy on the telly, but a best-selling novelist who found love later in life. Most of all, he’s a man transformed by faith.

Increased assistance to house the homeless welcomed

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett’s announcement of $300 million to support people in severe housing need is very welcome, says The Salvation Army.

Find your prayer voice

As the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory kicks off a year of non-stop prayer, it's time to rediscover our prayer voices.