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a first aid kit

Submission to the Health and Safety Reform Bill

The Salvation Army's submission to the Health and Safety Reform Bill.

a row of poppies with crosses on

On ANZAC, Gallipoli and being Christian

If Kiwis have a pilgrimage, Gallipoli has to be it. This is a sacred space, and its messages still resonate today.

A girl making a heart symbol with her hands

Jesus in my heart?

What does it actually mean to ‘ask Jesus into your heart’

Roy Carley

Finally found a home

Roy Carley—better known as ‘Cowboy’—has always been a drifter, living hard and drinking even harder. But at The Salvation Army, he finally found a home.

Stuart Herbert

Open Your Heart to Jesus

Stuart Herbert bubbles with excitement when he talks about what it’s like to live with Jesus every day. And he owes it to the son who paved the way for his dad, in his 50s, to take a fresh look at the world through the eyes of faith.

He is risen

An Easter message from The Salvation Army's internal leader, General André Cox.

19 April 2014 War Cry cover image

Resurrecting corpses

The word ‘army’ in our name reminds us of God’s call to Christians to battle sin in the world, but it also reminds us of other principles of warfare, such as the need to make sacrifices that serve a greater purpose.

a mountain biker riding

Before you hit the trails

Mud and flooded rivers are part of the fun when it comes to mountain biking in the winter months. But it’s important to be prepared. Here are some essentials for your kit …

 'U Build 4 the Rebuild’ set up by The Salvation Army Education and Employment service

A new start for Christchurch trainees

Businesses that stand side by side with The Salvation Army are helping struggling families take positive steps toward a brighter future.

a bar of soap

What is social justice anyway?

Although ‘social justice’ can be a slippery notion to keep a grip on, it’s important to keep asking ourselves: ‘Am I living justly?’

Every child counts

Ahead of the New Zealand General Election on 20 September, we are publishing material from a Christchurch-based group of Christians suggesting a ‘Gospel Manifesto’.

Norma Swain

God stopped me in my tracks

Eighty-year-old Norma Swain has seen miracles happen while raising six children, and being a loving ‘mum’ to hundreds more.

Jenny and son with Salvation Army officer

Red Shield Appeal 2014

Every day The Salvation Army works hard to bring hope to people like Jenny and her children. But we cannot do this alone. Please stand side by side with Kiwis in need by giving to our Red Shield Appeal.

Lucy AitkenRead and family


Lucy AitkenRead is a popular blogger on thrifty and environmentally-friendly living. Now she joins War Cry as a regular guest columnist, giving readers the chance to apply Lucy’s stylish and eco-friendly know-how to their lives.

5 April 2014 War Cry cover image

Jesus recycles

‘Let nothing be wasted.’ It’s a principle we learn from the life of Jesus. How much in this world do we make and consume that we don’t really need? How much do we replace simply because we’re obsessed with something newer and more modern?

March 2014 edition of Public Sphere

Latest news and comment from the Social Policy & Parliamentary Unit.

stones on a beach

Put down your stones

Darren Elkington asks why we are so quick to judge people who sin differently to ourselves.

2 boys playing


Online you just push a button, but what happens in real life when a friendship becomes too hard?

2 chocolate rabbits with easter eggs

Looking beyond the bunny

We’re almost half-way through the season of Lent, but there’s still time to gain something meaningful from this season—and perhaps to give a little, too.

an icon of Jesus

What is Lent?

We might already know that Lent is about giving something up in the weeks before Easter. But we may know little about why we do this, or the other aspects of ‘walking with Jesus’ to the cross at Easter.