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Red Shield campaign image

Signs of rising deprivation and overcrowding in provinces

Housing insecurity and overcrowded housing is no longer a problem confined to Auckland and Christchurch, says The Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Institute at Featherston Military Camp in World War 1

Helping the troops at home

The immensely popular Salvation Army Institutes, set up in New Zealand Army camps during World War I, were places where soldiers could find both solace and a ‘gladsome song’.

War Cry image from World War 1

Comrades in Arms

Historian Major Harold Hill considers how The Salvation Army represented Germany in its War Cry publications during the Great War.

Major Hylton Froggat, Salvation Army chaplin with New Zealand Defence Force

Walking alongside soldiers

Major Hylton Froggatt, the Salvation Army’s senior defence force chaplain, says it’s been an honour being part of a long line of Salvation Army officers serving as military chaplains.

Featherston War Memorial

The altar of remembrance

In almost every New Zealand town, there is a small, almost forgotten patch of land where the war memorial stands. It carries with it a sense of lost years, remaining unchanged while time marches on around it.

Ben Cola

Taking the next step

Ben Cola of Fiji is one of five young Salvationists who will carry flags to represent the Army’s five international zones at the opening ceremony of this year’s 150-year anniversary congress in London.

Evan and Jill

Hand Your Life Over to God

When they first met, Evan and Jill were living chaotic lives driven by drug use. But both were desperate enough to give God the chance to work in their lives.

an image of the Resurrection scene

The power of the Resurrection

An Easter reflection from General André Cox, the international leader of The Salvation Army.

Happy Easter sign

10 Things to know before going to Church

You might be thinking about going to church this Easter, but it can be daunting if you’re not used to it. Here’s 10 things you need to know …

Spock from Star Trek

What does Spock have to do with Easter?

What a Star Trek character can teach us about the otherness of God.

a boy pretending working in an office

Bouncing forward

Resilience is about ‘bouncing back’ from adversity, but it’s even better if we can ‘bounce forward’. The good news is we can learn skills to build personal resilience that help in the workplace and at home

Trevor McLean

All about relationships

Since being set free from drug addiction, Trevor McLean has been giving back to Whangarei and his Maori community.

The Big little Book of resiliency cover image

Life on the light side

Best known for his number one-selling I Had A Black Dog, Matthew Johnstone is now tackling the hot (but often vague) topic of resiliency.

NBA player Larry Sanders

Why I walked away

Just before Christmas last year a six foot, 11 inch American man with a face known to thousands—a man guaranteed to stand out in a crowd—vanished.


Giving a family a second chance

A marriage breakdown is often enough to plunge a woman and her children into a cycle of poverty.

Lower Hutt Family Store

Welcome to the Family Store

The Salvation Army runs 125 Family Stores across New Zealand, selling donated second-hand goods. They are among the most well-known and visible parts of the Army’s work.

Vicki Robertson of HomeCare

Does religion cause war?

Ian Hutson explores the Christian response to ‘religious wars’ and to the violence we are witnessing around the world in the name of religion.

Jo Wardle in a flying fox at Blue Mountain Adventure Centre

From strength to strength

Last year was the busiest year yet for The Salvation Army Blue Mountain Adventure Centre and this year the centre is marking 25 years since it opened.

Fifty Shades of Grey

There’s been a phenomenal amount of noise on social media and in some church circles about one particular movie lately. And the book on which it’s based.

two hands holding a baton

Get a mentor - be a mentor

Intentional mentoring relationships are catalysts for growth says Sammy Millar.