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Room for refugees?

With the daily news stories of the misery of thousands of refugees, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Yet there are signs of things we can do, here in New Zealand, if we have the courage to care.

a map of Medo-Persia in ancient times

Seeing the invisible God - Part 1

God is nowhere and everywhere in the Old Testament book of Esther, says Carla Lindsey.

Talking in Church

In a new concept of church, The Gathering in Hamilton is bringing children and adults together in a place where they can get chaotic, creative—and even talk in church.

Film Review - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

An amateur/purposely bad filmmaker and his buddy Earl attempt to make a movie for a leukaemia-stricken girl in this comedic coming-of-age drama.

The Bible, the Church and hospitality

Part of a series of occasional articles from The Salvation Army’s Moral and Social Issues Council.

Community Finance Worker Jodi with Olivia

An alternative to the cycle of debt

Salvation Army budgeting advisors help desperate people devise workable budgets and provide guidance on planning for the future.

Heather Daly, an Education and Employment (E&E) tutor.

Seeing students lives changed

Seeing students’ lives changed every day inspires former primary school teacher Heather Daly in her work as an Education and Employment (E&E) tutor.

Mike Savage of Legacy Funerals in Tauranga

Leaving a legacy

Mike Savage has been a funeral director for 24 years. He describes it as a mixture of event management and chaplaincy. While it seems a hard job, Mike says it’s one God’s called him to.

Lutheran Minister Nadia Bolz-Weber

Turning church inside out

Nadia Bolz-Weber is six-foot-plus, heavily tattooed, weightlifting, ex-drug addict alcoholic Christian minister. This is the story of her church, the House for All Sinners and All Saints.

Stranger Danger - Part 3

In a society that seems increasingly fearful, how does the concept of showing hospitality to strangers sit with the Christian church? asks Coralie Bridle.

Colonel Barbara Howell

A grateful heart

In 30 years of officership, Colonel Barbara Howell has learnt that she wants to live with a grateful heart, and eyes wide open to God’s goodness.

General André Cox at Boundless Congress 2015 in London.

Boundless Salvation

General André Cox envisages a Salvation Army that is still battling for people’s lives, and reaching out a helping hand for those who are drowning in sin, despair, injustice and greed.

Simon Barnett on dancing with the stars

Simon the star!

When we catch up with Simon Barnett, it’s just days after he was announced the winner of Dancing with the Stars, and Simon is trying to get back to a sense of normality.

8 August 2015 War Cry cover image

Boundless salvation

It was an absolute privilege to be part of The Salvation Army’s international Boundless congress in London last month, serving as part of the international media team. The spectacle of our 150th celebrations was incredible, inspiring and unforgettable!

Stranger Danger - Part 2

In a society that seems increasingly fearful, how does the concept of showing hospitality to strangers sit with the Christian church? asks Coralie Bridle.

Two boys (aged 10 and 13 ) sew clothing at the Sajaad Tailor shop in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kiwi buyer’s guide to ethical shopping

Where do we start when we don’t want our shopping to fund injustice, abuse or environmental damage?

Margaret Abbott

The power of prayer

Margaret Abbott of Rotorua has discovered the power of prayer even in the youngest of lives.

Serving Jesus in Pakistan

Salvationist Nazia Yousaf shares a fascinating insight into life as a Christian in Pakistan.

the longest place name in the world sign

My language is my awakening

Australian linguist Nathan John Albury has researched Kiwi attitudes to te reo Māori and found that we have ‘embraced and preserved the Māori culture and language far better than European Australians’.

Welfare Reform; is it social justice in action?

Social Policy Unit's Major Campbell Roberts' keynote address to the SWIS conference in Auckland 16 July 2015.