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People Pleasing

We all like to get on with other people, but what do we do when we realise we’ve fallen into the trap of being a ‘people pleaser’?

Trusted to do the right thing

The Salvation Army value ‘Do the Right Thing’ sounds straightforward, but unless we allow ourselves to be guided by a clear standard, it’s so easy to get things wrong.

Greg Foster

An impact back home

After 26 years in international development around the world Salvation Army Social Housing (SASH) National Director Greg Foster says he’s excited to make an impact back home.

The lost children

With advances in screening for unborn children with Down syndrome, the future of genetic selection is now. This offers up grave questions about the value of people with Down syndrome, and of what it means to be human in the 21st century.

Navigating the Down Syndrome world

I met Jo when she was a teenager and I was serving with The Salvation Army in Australia. Jo was 23 when her second child was born with Down syndrome, just a few days before her eldest child’s first birthday.


Crossing invisble lines

How do we allow people to move from feeling like outsiders, to knowing they belong? The Salvation Army value ‘Offer a Place to Belong’ is a challenge to look beyond our own needs.

writer kara isaac

True Romance

When New Zealander Kara Isaac couldn’t find a Christian novel she wanted to read, she decided to write one herself. This month she releases her third book, and is a nominee at the international ‘Oscars of romance writing’.

Ronji Tanielu

Serving the suffering church

Ronji Tanielu—a policy analyst at the Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit—has returned home after visiting 33 countries in two years.

The Porirua Community Ministries team

Opening the door to a better life

Ahead of this year’s Red Shield Appeal, Robin Raymond went behind the scenes at a busy Community Ministries centre to see how the Army helps fight poverty.

A second opinion on life

Autocorrect and predictive text on smartphones are supposed to help us. But sometimes they’re laughably wrong. Like when you say you’re ‘auditioning your kids’, and autocorrect changes it to ‘auctioning your kids’.

Putting up guard rails

A few weeks back, a Government MP accused The Salvation Army of having been behind a media campaign around homelessness, implying this was not a good thing.

Is holistic holy?

The Salvation Army is good at meeting needs—but do we see spirituality as a need, or as a goal? asks Nathan Holt, corps officer at Rolleston Corps Plant, as he examines the Mission Plan value ‘Think Holistically’.

Through the dark times together

In 2010, then Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean began releasing provisional suicide statistics. He argued we were not doing enough to prevent suicide. This was a watershed moment for discussion of suicide in our country.

Lyndal Subritzky

A future and a hope

The death of her mother caused Lyndal Subritsky to reach rock bottom, but God had a plan for her to lead her to an amazing new life, she says.

Photo of Hannah from the Netflix show '13 Reasons'

How to save a life

The Netflix show 13 Reasons Why doesn’t tell the whole story of teen suicide, but it’s got us talking about keeping each other alive.

Some good news & questions from Salvation Army after housing announcement

The Salvation Army cautiously welcomed today’s Government announcement of additional social and affordable housing in Auckland.

Walking our Christian talk

If The Salvation Army is to give meaning to its value of ‘walk the talk’, certain actions have to be seen says Seth Le Lau

Leaso of Waitakere Community Ministries

The strength to rise again

Leaso’s life had been one of trauma and loss—but God has given her the strength to rise again.

a girl jumping into the sea

Make the jump

The other night I went with a group of people to do a cliff jump into a bay of water. It wouldn’t have been my first jump, and when I got there I realised it wouldn’t be my highest.

Messy caring

We’re good at doing good works, but how good are we at really caring for people? The Salvation Army value ‘Care for Others’ encourages us to reclaim the heart of the gospel.