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a cat asleep on a cushion

Death, Dylan and a cat named Oscar

Jeremy Suisted asks what Oscar the cat can teach us about dealing with death, and living with life.

Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Are you not entertained?

In the movie Gladiator, Russell Crowe plays Maximus Meridius who is sold into slavery as a gladiator.

a man and a woman struggling with bills

Surviving hard times

Steve Cray came to The Salvation Army when hard times hit and he struggled to provide for his family of four. He shares tips on saving money and saving stress.

Ev Evans of New Plymouth

Something to do

Ev Evans of New Plymouth has been volunteering at the Family Store for 40 years.

chili con carne

Saving on meals

A supermarket chain recently advertised $15 meals for four—and we reckon we can do better than that. Steve Cray has lived on a tight budget, and came up with these handy, nourishing and cheap-as meals.

Salvation Army in Papua New Guinea

Planting seeds of hope in Papua New Guinea

A phone call from the Army’s International Headquarters in London started our journey to the ‘Land of the Unexpected’. As we listened to the Chief of the Staff on the phone, relaying our new appointments, our immediate thoughts were, ‘Why us? What have we got to contribute to a place we know very little about?’

23 August 2014 War Cry cover image

Gratitude brings people together

There’s a lovely phenomenon of gratitude doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment, with people challenged to ‘give thanks daily, for three things for fi ve days’, and to nominate three friends to do the same.

Southern Showdown venue

Southern Showdown 2014

At the annual Southern Showdown event in Dunedin, local personalities don gloves to raise funds for charities throughout the city. This year on 27 September, 18 contenders will step into the ring to support 16 charities including The Salvation Army.

The Dark Horse movie image

The Dark Horse

The inspiring true story of Genesis Potini, the Gisborne speed-chess prodigy and bipolar sufferer, who taught disenfranchised Maori youth the life-benefits of learning to play chess.

Imperfectly perfect faith - Part 3

The greatness of our faith is not measured by great successes, but in our so-called ‘failures’, reflects Darren Elkington, in the final of his three-part series.

Jeremy Teulon of Woodville Corps.

A father to the fatherless

Jeremy Teulon has seen how being a ‘father to the fatherless’ can change the culture of a community.

Cadet Oleg Samoilenko

I came for the cookies

Ukrainian cadet Oleg Samoilenko says there is nothing better than doing God’s will.

Cadets training day in Russia

Planting seeds of hope in Eastern Europe

The Salvation Army is changing the world—and the opportunities have never been greater in Eastern Europe, where the breakdown of the old political system has opened up many possibilities.

Gospel manifesto cartoon man image

Be A Better World Neighbour

Ahead of the New Zealand General Election on 20 September, we are publishing material from a Christchurch-based group of Christians suggesting a ‘Gospel Manifesto’.

Getting to a better place

I often share stories about The Salvation Army’s work with recovering alcoholics and drug addicts with readers. That’s because my husband works in Addiction Services, and most Thursday nights I go along to support him at the Recovery Church he leads at The Salvation Army in Newtown

Salvation Army centres are assisting families with finding safe and secure homes

Bringing hope to families on the edge

An increasing number of Salvation Army clients are living precariously, the most acute cases living in vehicles, unlined garages or in overcrowded, substandard houses.

some people looking quizzical

Imperfectly perfect faith-Part 2

Darren Elkington examines stories from the New Testament gospels and finds there is no formula for faith—only a powerful God.

Ray O'Hara

Making something beautiful

After going through hardships and rejection from his family, Ray O’Hara thought he was no good. But God is making something beautiful of his life.

Mofa of the Salvation Army in Dar es Salaam

Mofa's hopeful future

Mofa’s life has been transformed, and hope has blossomed in the place of rejection and near death.

Capt Iain Ganisford in Tanzania

Planting seeds of hope

Eighteen months ago, my wife Liz and I touched down in Dar es Salaam to take up new positions with The Salvation Army in Tanzania. Suddenly we were doing something new and often strange.