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Amy Owen

Children can do amazing things

Amy Owen is passionate about children’s ministry and its worthwhile impact on children’s lives.

Captain Joe Serevi & Pat

Being the change

‘We want to give our kids a better life than we had,’ explains Pat,a gang leader who is running a programme for ‘the hardest to reach’ with support from The Salvation Army.

18 October 2014 War Cry cover image

Challenging prejudice

Prejudice is hard to fight, and we all have some measure of it in us. Some is inconsequential, such as my fierce prejudice against Marmite. I’m sure Marmite manufacturers are doing just fine despite me looking down my nose at their product.

a pregnant woman and supportive husband


Abortion is a subject that provokes strong views. What is an appropriate Salvationist response?

a pregnant woman and supportive husband

Let's Talk About Abortion

Abortion is a subject that provokes strong views. What is an appropriate Salvationist response?

Karen Krishnan

Finding an activity to love

After her own journey to fitness, Karen Krishnan became a Zumba instructor to share God’s love and acceptance with others of all shapes and sizes.

4 October 2014 War Cry cover image

Reach out for hope

One in six New Zealanders are likely to experience an episode of depression during their life, and it’s great to see that John Kirwan is making such inroads to combat the stigma and lack of understanding associated with this condition.


Not All Streets Are Paved With Gold

Hollywood may not sound such a bad place to be homeless. But for one man who was pitched into life on the streets of Los Angeles, the reality was a nightmarish journey that tested his sanity and his faith to their limits.

Students from a Salvation Army Education and Employment Course with their tutor.

Selling our rangatahi short

Social Policy Analyst Alan Johnson's speech to the Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand Conference in Auckland on 10th October 2014.

The Maze Runner film

Film Review- The Maze Runner

Yet another young adult novel makes it to the big screen, this one based on the first novel in James Dashner’s popular trilogy.

International Day of the Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated this year on October 11. Shakti, a refuge for ethnic women in New Zealand, is promoting the day to highlight the veiled childhoods of some of our girls.

Catalyst for Hope

A review of the Election Video Roadshows around New Zealand by Ronji Tanielu, Social Policy Advisor, The Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit.

What Does the Election Result Say to the Poor?

An election 2014 reflection piece by Major Campbell Roberts, Director of The Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit.

Sir John Kirwan

Tackling the Blues

Former All Black Sir John Kirwan has become the face of depression in New Zealand. He talks to Robin Raymond about tackling his own illness and his mission to help others through a message of hope.

Changing Lives Art Exhibition and Sale

Changing lives in Hamilton with art

All proceeds from an art exhibition and sale on 28-29 November featuring the works of various Waikato artists will go toward running The Salvation Army Positive Lifestyle Programme - a life changing approach to helping families develop a more sustainable and independent existence.

Day of the Girl 2014 logo

International Day of the Girl Child Newsletter

Information from the Women's Ministries Department to support the 2014 International Day of the Girl Child.

a still life picture of fruit

Still in God's Presence

There’s more to being still than just stopping the movement of our bodies, writes Vakatoto Wawa.

a still image from the movie Freedom

Still fighting for freedom

Sadly, human slavery is not some abhorrent aberration from the pages of history. It is a modern-day travesty that sees hundreds of thousands of men, women and children suffering daily around the world … today.

a man holding up a picture of himself

Getting emotional - Part 2

Che Cormack of The Salvation Army in Napier spent time in prison for drug dealing, where he learnt that his drug abuse was driven by his inability to process difficult emotions. Che shares ideas about building a healthy emotional life.

Aaron Williams

Breaking the cycle

Aaron Williams is excited to discover fresh ways to reach out into the community.