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The Big little Book of resiliency cover image

Life on the light side

Best known for his number one-selling I Had A Black Dog, Matthew Johnstone is now tackling the hot (but often vague) topic of resiliency.

NBA player Larry Sanders

Why I walked away

Just before Christmas last year a six foot, 11 inch American man with a face known to thousands—a man guaranteed to stand out in a crowd—vanished.


Giving a family a second chance

A marriage breakdown is often enough to plunge a woman and her children into a cycle of poverty.

Lower Hutt Family Store

Welcome to the Family Store

The Salvation Army runs 125 Family Stores across New Zealand, selling donated second-hand goods. They are among the most well-known and visible parts of the Army’s work.

Vicki Robertson of HomeCare

Does religion cause war?

Ian Hutson explores the Christian response to ‘religious wars’ and to the violence we are witnessing around the world in the name of religion.

Jo Wardle in a flying fox at Blue Mountain Adventure Centre

From strength to strength

Last year was the busiest year yet for The Salvation Army Blue Mountain Adventure Centre and this year the centre is marking 25 years since it opened.

Fifty Shades of Grey

There’s been a phenomenal amount of noise on social media and in some church circles about one particular movie lately. And the book on which it’s based.

two hands holding a baton

Get a mentor - be a mentor

Intentional mentoring relationships are catalysts for growth says Sammy Millar.

a road junction

The Bible, the church and ethics

An occasional article from The Salvation Army’s Moral and Social Issues Council.

Neville Lauridsen

Music and mentoring

Music and mentoring go hand-in-hand for Neville Lauridsen, who has been creating big band magic at Amplify for the last four years.

some playing cards and gambling chips

Submission to the Gambling Amendment Bill (No 3)

The Salvation Army's Submission to the Gambling Amendment Bill (No 3).

costs versus benefits diagram

Submission to the Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill

The Salvation Army's Submission to the Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill.

a briefcase of money

Submission to the Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill

The Salvation Army's Submission to the Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill.

Life is like a jigsaw

theuns and Tania Henning describe the portrait of their life, from a farm in rural South Africa to making a new life in New Zealand. When they became parents to a child with autism, it added a colourful new piece to the jigsaw.

21 February 2015 War Cry cover image

Bring your children to Jesus

Jesus had great compassion for parents. One time, a father whose son was being attacked by an evil force came to Jesus, desperate for help. ‘Bring your son to me,’ was Jesus’ simple response.

people in a food court

How to be a normal Christian

In the name of evangelism, Christians have a history of using everything from violence and brimstone to bumper stickers. But Ingrid Barratt examines how our most powerful tool may simply be our authentic selves.

people grasping a globe

Challenging Times for our World

As radicalism continues to scar the global landscape with hatred, an Army of love is desperately needed.

Allan Cleave

For the benefit of others

Allan Cleave has lived his life for the benefit of others.

a marae

Learning from the Marae

A dream to visit and photograph every marae in the country has become a book about bringing cultures together for artist and Anglican minister the Rt Reverend Bishop Muru Walters.

7 February 2015 War Cry cover image

Our harmful drinking culture

As the NZ Drug Foundation reports, the facts about drinking in New Zealand don’t make for easy reading.