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Committed to God's mission

150 years since its founding, The Salvation Army is still a mission movement, says COMMISSIONER ROBERT DONALDSON.

a caricature of William Booth published by the British magazine Vanity Fair in November 1882

On a mission from God

This is Salvation Army founder General William Booth as you’ve perhaps never seen him before.

Love God and love others

It’s a joy for our team to bring you this commemorative edition of War Cry to mark 150 years of The Salvation Army.

Steve Skilling

A long road

It’s been a long road for Ashburton man Steve Skilling to gain control over his gambling addiction.

Neil and Gill Waugh

In God's lounge room

Last month, corps officers Neil and Gill Waugh received the grave news that Neil's cancer had spread. But Neil and Gill say they are living in God’s lounge room—enjoying his presence, holding on to his promises and praying the big prayers.

a group of people praying

New Prayer Course for Non-prayers

The new, free Prayer Course from Alpha has taken New Zealand by storm, with several Salvation Army corps taking up the challenge.

Dave and his girls

Stepping up for his girls

The Salvation Army’s supportive services address areas of a person’s life that may be holding them back from leading self-sufficient and fulfilling lives.

a salt mine in Romania

Salt & Light in the community

What difference is the Christian Church making in its communities and the wider world? asks Pam Waugh.

Toga Tofilau

I love working with people

A desire to help families stay together and fulfil their God given potential inspires Hutt City Corps transitional housing manager Toga Tofilau.

a boy with a wand

Say the magic word

I love people-watching when I’m out and about. Watching the people around me, seeing how they interact and how different or similar they are to me, subconsciously guessing at what they’re like

image from the movie Tomorrowland

Film Review - Tomorrowland

From the director of The Incredibles, comes a sci-fi adventure with a positive message of hope for our troubled world.

Providing safety to vulnerable people

Territorial Commander, Commisioner Robert Donaldson, asks people to be more intentional in protecting people from abuse.

2 people holding a flower

The Bible, the Church and Dignity

Part of a series of occasional articles from The Salvation Army’s Moral and Social Issues Council

Duncan of E&E

A huge future ahead

‘Duncan is an 18-year-old with a huge future ahead of him’, says his Education and Employment tutor.

spectators watching football

A guard over my mouth

We’re seasoned football supporters, so we know the drill: cheer for your child, and don’t be too vocal in your criticism of his team mates, his coach, the officials or the opposition (at least, not until you get home).

Submission to the Gambling Venues Policy -Wellington City Council

The Salvation Army Submission to the Gambling Venues Policy -Wellington City Council

Khinayer McElwain and Keran Tsering

Rebuild Work Extends to Driver Mentoring

A Salvation Army course training people to work in the Canterbury rebuild has led to a programme mentoring young drivers.

Resene Hunger for Colour

Hunger for Colour

Resene ColorShops were busy adding colour to Kiwi homes and putting food on the table for thousands with a new campaign in February.

Shane Chisholm, Director of Public Relations

Telling the story of The Salvation Army

Shane Chisholm is telling the story of The Salvation Army in his role as Territorial Public Relations Director.

Stephen & Alison Blakey

I died twice in one day

Stephen Blakey lay dead after suffering a massive heart attack. While doctors tried to revive him, he experienced the tangible presence of God. It left Steve a completely changed man. This is his story, told in his words.