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Stepping forward with Salvation Army chaplaincy

The Salvation Army is strengthening its resourcing for those serving as chaplains.

Lynette Sifa

Forever grateful

Lynette Sifa of Tonga is grateful for the support she received as a Salvation Army-sponsored child

Richie McCaw

You're hired!

What does Richie McCaw have to do with getting a new job this year? Well, its all about your personal brand, say author and career expert Tom O'Neil

The vitality of Christ's coming

Barbara Sampson considers the deeper meaning of the Advent season. Part 3 of 3

Christmas under construction

The celebration’s all made up as retired Australian minister Rex Hunt says in his book Cards, Carols and Claus, ‘Christmas is a celebration still under construction.’ And that may be a jolly good thing.

On Christmas Morning

Contemplation can help even the most pressured recapture the joy of Christmas.

A guilt-free Christmas

Guilt and Christmas go together like a six-pack of mince pies and a tummy ache … can you have one without the other? Yes! Here’s how to enjoy family, food and festivities this Christmas, without the guilt.

Jesus first

Some say the heart and soul of modern rugby is in its forward play, but Canterbury Rugby lock forward JJ Manning says having a relationship with Jesus Christ is the true heart and soul of his life.

X marks the spot

Christmas is a taonga, a treasure for humankind. Some would say the treasure is hidden, buried under tinsel and decorations and obnoxious TV ads and fake Santas. Like all hidden gold, X marks the spot.

Reclaiming Xmas

Now, before long-time churchgoers gasp in dismay, the large Xmas on the facing page is not an admission of defeat by The Salvation Army that the world has finally succeeded in squeezing Christ out of Christmas.

I see the Christ in you

Jessica and Ameet Londhe are packing their bags, getting ready to leave Booth College of Mission, which has been their home for two years.

The value of Christ's coming

Barbara Sampson considers the deeper meaning of the Advent season. Part 2 of 3.

Called to serve

Peniasi Torocake is thankful for God’s calling to serve as a Salvation Army officer.

Christmas Shopping in One Day

Your Mission: to get all your Christmas shopping done in one day. You’re going to lick that Christmas list, like Tom Cruise licked that tall glass building in Mission Impossible.

Focus on Christmas need

This Christmas, The Salvation Army will work with around 17,000 families in desperate need, with many families coming to us for the first time.

The vulnerability of Christ's coming

Barbara Sampson considers the deeper meaning of the Advent season.

Pray for Paris

I learnt about the terrorist attacks in Paris through BBC News, but my empathy and disquiet really grew via social media, as I read posts from friends and organisations.

Celebrating our new officers

This edition introduces the 26 men and women from New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga who will be ordained and commissioned as Salvation Army officers over the next few weeks.

You can stop domestic violence

On 25 November we mark White Ribbon Day. It’s a campaign where men are being tasked with speaking to other men about ending family violence.

Submission to the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Amendment Bill.

The Salvation Army's Submission to the Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months' Paid Leave and Work Contact Hours) Amendment Bill.