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The new Kiwi film Broken has achieved a rare feat: it’s a New Zealand film that opened at number one in the box office. But, more than that, it’s a film that is overtly Christian in its themes, and yet is captivating mainstream audiences.

By way of the cross

It seems just a few weeks ago we were celebrating Jesus as a baby. Now, we are preparing to see the man on the cross who dies for the sins of the world—yours and mine as well. What took him from the manger to the cross? Barbara Sampson continues our journey through Lent.

Mark Basford

A free man

When Mark Basford walked out of Britain’s most notorious prison, he vowed to change his life of crime. And he did. Moving to New Zealand, Mark became an acclaimed chef. But alcoholism still kept him in a prison without walls. Today, though, he is a free man.

The good place

Some topics make for great television, others … not so much. Eternal damnation isn’t usually associated with entertainment or comedy—but Netflix has done both with its award-winning show The Good Place.

Meeting Mark

One of the real joys of being part of the Salvation Army’s mission is getting to know and communing with people that I should—by rights—have nothing in common with. When someone sits down with me and entrusts me with their story, it truly is an honour. It is humbling.

My difficult marriage

One woman discovered that true love is not found at the end of a rom-com. True love begins where the rom-com ends. This is her honest account of doing it tough behind the closed doors of marriage.

He will fix her

Lynda Ellington’s faith was severely tested when her step-daughter had an accident and was told she would never walk again.

From the flax roots up

A Māori perspective of hospitality provides rich insights into the welcoming heart of God and how we can welcome others.

True romance

A first wedding anniversary is traditionally called a ‘paper’ anniversary. Paper is vulnerable. It is easily crushed and torn—and that is what the opening stanzas of marriage are like, as a couple make their first tentative attempts at creating the poetry of life together.

Major David Bennett in Uganda

Around the world in 52 years

Major David Bennett has served a record-breaking 52 years as a Salvation Army officer, and the occasion was marked with a three-month stint helping equip refugee camps in Uganda.

Colonel Margaret Hay

Walking with others

Colonel Margaret Hay won the UK Times Preacher of the Year contest in 2000 (not that you’ll hear that from her!), with a sermon she gave to inmates in prison. It’s just one of many enriching experiences in almost 40 years of officership …

The unique Good News- Studies on grace

Barbara Sampson brings into focus a unique aspect of our faith: the wonder of grace. If you struggle to read the Bible (you are not alone!), try meditating on these four studies over the next week and begin a new habit for the New Year!

Linda Walsh

A real sense of fulfilment

After being abused, Linda Walsh was plagued with anxiety and self-doubt, until she was invited to the women’s Home League group at New Lynn Salvation Army.

A tui on Rotoroa Island

Wild Summer

Rotoroa Island once brought healing through The Salvation Army’s addictions programme. Now, Rotoroa is bringing healing to our wildlife, through its island sanctuary. Open to visitors, Shar Davis whiled away a peaceful summer’s day among birdsong and pohutakawa.

Commit to resting

I love the summer holidays. Just what I need at the end of a busy year. I had great plans: catching up with family from overseas, seeing friends, picnics, beach times, finishing up some books ...

Transforming society

Guys, we need to talk. And we need to take a stand. If we do that, we can transform New Zealand society, so says Garth Baker from White Ribbon.

Good, God and Self: A search for a new moral basis for our welfare state

A paper presented by Alan Johnson, Social Policy Analyst of The Salvation Army’s Social Policy & Parliamentary Unit, to the Child Poverty Action Group’s Beyond Social Investment Summit on 8 September 2017.

Major (Dr) Harold Hill

A dangerous mind

Major (Dr) Harold Hill has been described as ‘a radical and a provoker’. His latest book challenges The Salvation Army to look back at our past in order to look forward, and rediscover our radical heart.

We're all part of team New Zealand

One of the early things The Salvation Army did after New Zealand’s new government was announced was to congratulate our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on social media.

Dare to be a Daniel- Part 6

The Old Testament book of Daniel has a lot to teach us about resolving the tension of choosing whether to resist or adapt as we engage with the culture around us.