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Don’t Leave Home Without…

We’ve gone internationalé for this issue of War Cry, so we’ve come up with some top travel hacks. Don’t leave home without checking these out.

Bryan Edwards

An early morning epiphany

An early morning epiphany saw Bryan Edwards change the course of his life, ending up helping ex-prisoners through The Salvation Army’s Reintegration Service.

Nick Willis

Re-shaped by God

Running in his fourth Olympics, Nick Willis is well accustomed to carrying the identity of one of the world’s best. But unlike most sporting celebrities, he’s also brutally honest about his shortcomings and struggles.

Nesan Kistan

Forgiveness follows tragedy

At 22, Nesan Kistan had life planned out. He had just finished university and was preparing to start a career in psychology. Then his father was murdered and his mother barely escaped with her life.

Make the most of your life

For Bevan Sanders a desire to help people make the most out of their lives led him to working with at-risk Wellington young people.

I’ll Stand With You

The little known story of Peter Norman, an Australian Salvationist who ran the race of his life to win silver in the 1968 Olympics, but gave up his own glory to stand up for justice and for God.

Spirit of gold

The runners sped up, heading for the top bend of the track and the home straight. What followed was one of my favourite memories.

How can i be closer to my brother?

How can I build a closer relationship to my brother? We come from a loving family, but don’t have much in common and have never been close.

Welcoming Refugees

Germany has made space for more refugees than any other European country. Salvation Army officer Captain Ollie Walz and his wife Christiane have been leading The Salvation Army’s response in Solingen, a city of 155,000 people between Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Lego bricks

Lessons from Lego

When his Lego skills left a toddler unimpressed, Jeremy Suisted learnt a difficult lesson in thankfulness. He reflects on the importance of that small word ‘thanks’, and on its extravagant implications in the unseen Kingdom of God.

Welcome at God's party

I like to think I fly the banner for averagely-achieving mums. Recently, we held our first proper, kids-high-on-candy birthday party.

The Reluctant Prophet - Part 5

In the final part of this series, Carla Lindsey asks what the book of Jonah is really about … and the answers are bigger than a really big fish.

Karen Lowe

All about community

For Waitara Family Store manager Karen Lowe, who has worked in the store for 35 years and set up youth groups and employment training, it’s all about community.

Defeating the devil

Actor Tom Ellis of Miranda fame tackles a very different character in TVNZ’s new show Lucifer. As Lucifer Morningstar, he’s a supernatural force in human form, eliciting the deepest, darkest secrets from people … and yet, given time, may evolve into a more moral entity altogether.

Taking the crisis out of midlife

Ingrid Barratt is due for a midlife crisis, so she set out to understand our middle years. What she discovers is that midlife is hard, but it can be even more meaningful.

Put a pause in your life

This edition’s feature article introduces US journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty’s research into the opportunities presented by midlife.

The Reluctant Prophet - Part 4

‘I’ve got some good news, and some bad news,’ says Jonah to Nineveh. ‘What do you want to hear first?’ Carla Lindsey explains that in Chapter Four, Jonah finally becomes the prophet God called him to be.

Bible verses we wish didn't exist

We begin an occasional series, tackling some of the Bible’s most difficult verses—the ones we often pretend don’t exist.

Nathan Holt

All in a day's work

Seeing lives changed, making tough calls and knowing who you are in Christ, is all in a day’s work for a Salvation Army officer, says Nathan Holt.

Cadet Beany Cho

Faith with flair

A few years ago, Beany Cho was an award-winning bartender with dreams of owning his own bar. Today, Cadet Beany is studying to become a Salvation Army officer, in his first year at Booth College of Mission.