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Called to be me

Am I called, I wonder? We tend to use the term (perhaps subconsciously) to separate our secular and sacred lives. We talk about being called to ministry or officership. We may even talk about being called to be a teacher or doctor

What happens when we die?

Many Christians assume that when we die, our disembodied souls float away to heaven. But the biblical picture is much more exciting …

Raising Hope

For years, Mother’s Day was a time of grief for Megan Pattinson—until God gave her a new hope.

Fearfully and wonderfully made

I have long admired women who seem to manage so well with multiple challenges—careers, well-behaved children, clean and tidy houses, wonderful marriages, immaculately and fashionably presented—high achievers in all areas of life.


Elaine Dawson is known as ‘sunshine’ by people at Pukekohe Corps because her love of God and people shines out on everyone.

Fight for your country

What would you do if you were called on to fight for your country? Thankfully, it’s a question most of us will never have to answer. But on Anzac Day we remember those who did have to answer that question.

The truth about Mary Magdalene

The latest Bible-themed movie Mary Magdalene has offered another take on the story of Mary Magdalene—one of the most discussed figures in the Bible.

Grateful for opportunity

Heather Stone reflects on the impact of Cyclone Gita in Tonga, after her recent visit.

So what is Easter really about?

So what’s really going on at Easter? What do Christians really mean when they say that ‘Christ died for us’? This isn’t a question about events, but about what those events mean …

You're the one, brother

So paranoid he couldn’t walk into a supermarket, Steve Dutton discovered that God could break the chains of addiction and set him free. As told to Shar Davis.

Who is This Man? Ko wai tenei tangata?

Jesus has been depicted in every culture and corner of the earth. But who is he? Do we dare to see him as a Māori warrior, a black man or even a New York taxi driver? Jesus is—put simply—everything.

A glorious ruin

As we prepare to celebrate the great moment in history when God came to the rescue of our ‘glorious ruin’, we ask: What do we really mean by this mysterious salvation?


The new Kiwi film Broken has achieved a rare feat: it’s a New Zealand film that opened at number one in the box office. But, more than that, it’s a film that is overtly Christian in its themes, and yet is captivating mainstream audiences.

The untouched single male

Why men are hurting from a lack of platonic touch.

A new identity

Martin Barratt grew up with an abusive father, but Jesus gave him a new identity as a son in God’s family.

By way of the cross

It seems just a few weeks ago we were celebrating Jesus as a baby. Now, we are preparing to see the man on the cross who dies for the sins of the world—yours and mine as well. What took him from the manger to the cross? Barbara Sampson continues our journey through Lent.

Mark Basford

A free man

When Mark Basford walked out of Britain’s most notorious prison, he vowed to change his life of crime. And he did. Moving to New Zealand, Mark became an acclaimed chef. But alcoholism still kept him in a prison without walls. Today, though, he is a free man.

The good place

Some topics make for great television, others … not so much. Eternal damnation isn’t usually associated with entertainment or comedy—but Netflix has done both with its award-winning show The Good Place.

Meeting Mark

One of the real joys of being part of the Salvation Army’s mission is getting to know and communing with people that I should—by rights—have nothing in common with. When someone sits down with me and entrusts me with their story, it truly is an honour. It is humbling.

My difficult marriage

One woman discovered that true love is not found at the end of a rom-com. True love begins where the rom-com ends. This is her honest account of doing it tough behind the closed doors of marriage.