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New Salvation Army International Leader to visit NZ

General Andre and Commissioner Silvia Cox

6 Aug | 2013

General Andre Cox to speak at Congress 2013.

General André Cox, the newly elected leader of the 1.5 million-strong worldwide church of The Salvation Army, will be guest speaker at a Salvation Army congress in Auckland this September. His wife, Commissioner Silvia Cox—the new World President of Women’s Ministries for The Salvation Army—will also attend.

One hundred and seventeen senior Salvation Army leaders from around the world gathered just outside London last week as part of the High Council to elect a new General after the early retirement of General Linda Bond.
General André Cox accepted his new responsibility in a spirit of humility, saying that, irrespective of the rank he held, he had not moved away from his original calling to officership—to be God’s servant and to proclaim the gospel. General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox will lead The Salvation Army church into its 150th year.

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, to an English father and Swiss mother, André Cox spent his childhood years in Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom, before moving to Switzerland, where he met Silvia and from where they entered training to become Salvation Army officers, taking up their first appointments in 1979.

The 59-year-old General has vast experience of the international ministry of The Salvation Army. In the early years of his Salvation Army officership, General Cox held appointments in Switzerland and Zimbabwe. More recently he has served as the territorial commander in the Southern Africa Territory, the Finland and Estonia Territory and the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. In February 2013 he was appointed as Chief of the Staff – second in command of the international Salvation Army.

Speaking immediately after his election, General Cox said, 'I pray that The Salvation Army will be known as being a force for good in the world. I pray that The Salvation Army will be a force for positive change and transformation in the communities in which we serve. And I pray that we Salvationists, no matter what our rank, will live up to the spiritual values that we proclaim - that we will live them out in our lives. And in that way, I know that God will bless and will lead us.'

Territorial Commander Commissioner Don Bell was in London for the High Council. He was able to personally extend the invitation to General Cox to travel to New Zealand in September for a congress gathering of Salvationists from across the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory. ‘We are looking forward to being one of the first territories in the world to host the new General,’ said Commissioner Bell.

Commissioner Bell urges Salvationists and friends to do their utmost to attend the ‘One Army, One Mission, One Message’ congress where they are sure to be encouraged and inspired by teaching from The Salvation Army’s new leader.

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