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Stay up to date with what The Salvation Army is up to internationally.

Salvation Army Earthquake Response in Japan has to Overcome Weather and Fuel Issues

17 Mar | 2011

The Salvation Army's earthquake response in Japan is continuing its work despite difficulties caused by snow and the lack of fuel.

Worldwide Support Helps Salvation Army Emergency Response in Japan

16 Mar | 2011

Three Salvation Army teams in Japan are providing vital assistance to people affected by the country's earthquake, the resulting tsunami and ongoing problems at a nuclear power station.

Japanese Salvation Army Emergency Relief Teams Swing into Action

13 Mar | 2011

The Salvation Army in Japan has three emergency service relief teams operating in areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the north-east coast of the country last week.

Salvation Army Teams in Australia Respond to Cyclone Yasi

13 Feb | 2011

Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams responded immediately in the aftermath of tropical Cyclone Yasi, which lashed the coastal region of Queensland, Australia, causing widespread devastation and destruction.

Winterised Tents See People Through the Cold in Pakistan

9 Feb | 2011

In northern Pakistan people are facing the cold of winter in very trying circumstances.

The Salvation Army Works with Médecins du Monde to Fight Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

8 Feb | 2011

Land on a Salvation Army farm in Fond-des-Nègres, Haiti, has been transformed into a new cholera treatment centre (CTC).

Salvation Army Names Next General

31 Jan | 2011

On 1 February, The Salvation Army announced that Canadian-born Commissioner Linda Bond has been elected as its new international leader and 19th General.

High Council News Release 11

31 Jan | 2011

There were many sacred moments at the 2011 High Council on Sunday 30 January – from the joyous African style dancing, enthusiastic singing and fervent praying in many languages during worship, to the candidates’ humility when addressing the council.

High Council News Release 6

26 Jan | 2011

There are nine candidates standing for election for The Salvation Army’s nineteenth General, where applicable, each of the candidates’ spouses affirmed their support regarding their husband’s candidacy.


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