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Stay up to date with what The Salvation Army is up to internationally.
Global Call to 24-7 Prayer

Day and Night Prayer for Justice to Continue

2 Nov | 2011

Since 1 January 2011, scores of Salvation Army territories, commands and regions have been praying as part of the Global Call to 24/7 Prayer – A Day and Night Cry for Justice.

Water distribution to a remote village 30km north-west of Lokitaung near the Ethiopian border

Drought Situation Remains Fragile

28 Oct | 2011

Turkana, in North West Kenya, remains the major focal point for The Salvation Army Kenya West Territory’s drought response activities.

Building capacity is a key component of the Haiti Recovery and Development team's work in Haiti. David White (left), program manager, works with

Return to Reconstructed Schools

27 Oct | 2011

Nearly 700 Haitian students started the school year in newly repaired Salvation Army school buildings.

A mother and child take away their family's food package

Kenya East Territory Launches Famine Relief

19 Oct | 2011

The Salvation Army's Kenya East Territory has begun a three-month famine relief programme in Isiolo District.

Public Calls for Love in Norway

7 Aug | 2011

Norway Salvationists have been a comforting presence in public displays of remembrance for victims of a a bombing and mass shooting.

Salvation Army Flag Flies in Togo

4 Aug | 2011

The first Salvation Army officers appointed to the west African country of Togo have arrived.

Raising the bar in legal world first

29 Jul | 2011

The Salvation Army in Australia has launched a high-end commercial law firm to raise money for a humanitarian service that provides legal advice and representation to people in need.

The Salvation Army In Norway Provides Comfort

24 Jul | 2011

Salvationists in Oslo have been meeting emotional and spiritual needs after a bomb blast and massacre.

Salvation Army Cements Relationships in Iraq

19 Jul | 2011

Representatives have travelled to Erbil in Iraq to formalise the ongoing relationship between The Salvation Army and the Iraqi Salvation Humanitarian Organisation (ISHO).


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