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Stay up to date with what The Salvation Army is up to internationally.

Salvation Army Responds as Tomas Storms Across the Caribbean

9 Nov | 2010

The Salvation Army across the Caribbean is responding to damage caused by Tropical Storm Tomas. Some countries – including Haiti – have been left relatively unscathed but others are dealing with the aftermath of the worst storm for many years.

Salvation Army in Indonesia Provides Medical Assistance After Volcanic Eruption

8 Nov | 2010

Salvation Army medical workers are providing assistance to people affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia.

Pakistan Tent City

3 Nov | 2010

Major Raelton Gibbs, a member of The Salvation Army’s International Emergency Services team at International Headquarters, travelled to Pakistan where The Salvation Army is responding to floods that devastated much of the country in August.

Salvation Army in Haiti Responds to Freak Thunderstorm (Update 27 September)

28 Sep | 2010

The Salvation Army in Haiti is responding quickly after a freak thunderstorm hit Port-au-Prince on Friday 24 September.

Salvation Army in Uganda Assists Villagers Affected by Landslides

19 Sep | 2010

The Salvation Army in Uganda is providing help to people forced from their homes in March 2010 after heavy rains caused devastating landslides, killing hundreds and making thousands homeless.

Salvation Army in Pakistan Prepares to Distribute Tents

12 Sep | 2010

The Salvation Army is continuing its work in the flood-hit regions of Pakistan, where it is estimated that 20 million people have been affected.

Salvation Army in Indonesia Responds to Volcanic Eruption

12 Sep | 2010

Salvation Army personnel in Indonesia are providing emergency assistance to some of the thousands of people made homeless after the eruption of the Mount Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra.

Salvation Army in Democratic Republic of Congo Offers Help to Volcano-hit Communities

1 Sep | 2010

The village of Kibirga, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, no longer exists.

Salvation Army in Pakistan Distributes More Relief Aid and Expands Assessment Area

24 Aug | 2010

The third major flood relief distribution effort arranged by The Salvation Army in Pakistan took place on Saturday 21 August.


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