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Stay up to date with what The Salvation Army is up to internationally.

Salvation Army in Pakistan Distributes More Relief Aid and Expands Assessment Area

24 Aug | 2010

The third major flood relief distribution effort arranged by The Salvation Army in Pakistan took place on Saturday 21 August.

Aid to Further Three Hundred Families in Pakistan

17 Aug | 2010

The Salvation Army in Pakistan continued its initial response to the floods that have are now thought to have affected 20 million people by distributing bedding and cooking utensil packs to 300 families in Charsada.

People in Pakistan Afraid to Return to Flooded Homes

10 Aug | 2010

The Salvation Army in Pakistan is responding to catastrophic floods that brought widespread devastation to the country earlier this month. At least 1600 people lost their lives and two million are thought to be homeless.

Salvation Army in Russia Responds to Wildfires

8 Aug | 2010

Salvationists in Russia are providing assistance to people affected by wildfires.

The Salvation Army Provides Flood Relief in Romania

8 Aug | 2010

Flooding is a regular occurrence in some regions of Romania but this year several areas not usually affected have been devastated by lightning floods.

Salvation Army in Pakistan Prepares Flood Response

3 Aug | 2010

The Salvation Army in Pakistan is preparing to help people who have lost homes and possessions in the worst floods for 80 years.

Salvation Army Still Supporting Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Chile

29 Jul | 2010

The Salvation Army in Chile continues to serve people affected by the earthquake and tsunami that brought devastation over a wide area in late February.

Salvation Army Provides Assistance After Floods Devastate North-East Brazil

29 Jul | 2010

The Salvation Army in Brazil is continuing to provide assistance after heavy rains led to devastating floods in the north-east of the country in mid-June.

World Cup Children's Programmes in South Africa and Namibia Exceed Expectations

8 Jul | 2010

Kids clubs and soccer schools in The Salvation Army's Southern Africa Territory have proved hugely popular.


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