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Stay up to date with what The Salvation Army is up to internationally.

Salvation Army Workers in Chile Join Forces (Update 5 March)

6 Mar | 2010

The Salvation Army in southern Chile is combining its resources and using careful planning to help people affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Salvation Army expands emergency relief response in Chile

3 Mar | 2010

Salvation Army aid effort moves into Chile's second largest city.

Workers in Haiti use UPS Tracking Technology and Welcome 'American Idol' Winner (Update 2 March)

2 Mar | 2010

The Salvation Army in Haiti, working with international delivery company UPS, is replacing handwritten ration cards with high-tech barcode technology.

Immediate Salvation Army response to devastating earthquake in Chile

28 Feb | 2010

Salvation Army officers safe but substantial damage to Army property.

High Council Membership expanded to include more women leaders

28 Feb | 2010

General Clifton says this decision is a strong affirmation of the equal role that women leaders play in the Army's worldwide ministry.

Survivor stories from Haiti (update 10 Feb)

11 Feb | 2010

Major Kelly Pontsler shares stories of people linked to The Salvation Army's emergency relief effort in Haiti.

Man survived under rubble for 28 days (update 9 Feb)

10 Feb | 2010

Salvation Army medical staff in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, have played a part in the miraculous survival of 28-year-old Evan Ocinia.

Salvation Army Distributes More Than A Million Meals (update 4 Feb)

4 Feb | 2010

The Salvation Army in Haiti has now distributed more than a million meals in its response to the earthquake.

Salvation Army responsible for 20,000 people in Haiti (update 26 Jan)

26 Jan | 2010

The United Nations Shelter Cluster has designated The Salvation Army as the ‘lead agency’ for the soccer stadium and another plaza.


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