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Community members in Kulawi assess the damage

Celebration Followed by Tragedy in Indonesia

11 Dec | 2011

A time of great celebration for The Salvation Army in Indonesia has been closely followed by flooding and landslides which have led to significant damage and loss of life.

Global Call to 24-7 Prayer

Day and Night Prayer for Justice to Continue

2 Nov | 2011

Since 1 January 2011, scores of Salvation Army territories, commands and regions have been praying as part of the Global Call to 24/7 Prayer – A Day and Night Cry for Justice.

Water distribution to a remote village 30km north-west of Lokitaung near the Ethiopian border

Drought Situation Remains Fragile

28 Oct | 2011

Turkana, in North West Kenya, remains the major focal point for The Salvation Army Kenya West Territory’s drought response activities.

Building capacity is a key component of the Haiti Recovery and Development team's work in Haiti. David White (left), program manager, works with

Return to Reconstructed Schools

27 Oct | 2011

Nearly 700 Haitian students started the school year in newly repaired Salvation Army school buildings.

A mother and child take away their family's food package

Kenya East Territory Launches Famine Relief

19 Oct | 2011

The Salvation Army's Kenya East Territory has begun a three-month famine relief programme in Isiolo District.

Public Calls for Love in Norway

7 Aug | 2011

Norway Salvationists have been a comforting presence in public displays of remembrance for victims of a a bombing and mass shooting.

Salvation Army Flag Flies in Togo

4 Aug | 2011

The first Salvation Army officers appointed to the west African country of Togo have arrived.

Raising the bar in legal world first

29 Jul | 2011

The Salvation Army in Australia has launched a high-end commercial law firm to raise money for a humanitarian service that provides legal advice and representation to people in need.

The Salvation Army In Norway Provides Comfort

24 Jul | 2011

Salvationists in Oslo have been meeting emotional and spiritual needs after a bomb blast and massacre.


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