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Stay up to date with what The Salvation Army is up to internationally.

New Chief of the Staff and World Secretary for Women's Ministries welcomed to IHQ

9 Nov | 2015

New Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Brian Peddle, and World Secretary for Women's Ministries, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle welcomed at International Headquarters (IHQ) in London.

The Salvation Army in Switzerland caring for refugees

9 Nov | 2015

With Salvation Army refugee centres in Switzerland reaching capacity, Salvation Army corps (churches) opened their doors to refugees.

Greek flag

Refugee stories from Athens

9 Nov | 2015

The personal reflections of a Salvation Army Relief Worker in Greece.

Nepal earthquake aid moves to long-term recovery

9 Nov | 2015

Six months the Nepal earthquake, The Salvation Army's International Emergency Services hands over responsibility to a new projects and development team.

10 Million signatures are #UpForSchool

5 Oct | 2015

The Salvation Army Joins United Nations Celebrations as Ten Million-Signature #UpForSchool Petition is Presented

The General installs new territorial Leaders in South Africa

22 Sep | 2015

General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox travelled to Pietermaritzburg, Mid Kwa Zulu/Natal Division, South Africa, to install the Southern Africa Territory's new leaders.

General André Cox makes historic visit to Caribbean

4 Sep | 2015

Despite incoming Tropical Storm Erika, the USA Eastern Territory’s Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Division held a gathering for General André Cox, the first Salvation Army General to Puerto Rico since 1964.

Go and Tell Women's Rally

4 Sep | 2015

‘Go and Tell’ women’s rally inspires thousands of women from across southern Africa.

The Chief of Staff (Commissioner William Roberts) and Commissioner Nancy Roberts (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) inaugurate the new Russia Command

Chief of the Staff celebrates inauguration of Russia Command

24 Aug | 2015

The Chief of Staff (Commissioner William Roberts) and Commissioner Nancy Roberts (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) inaugurated the new Russia Command on 1st August 2015.


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