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International News

Stay up to date with what The Salvation Army is up to internationally.
United Nations building in New York.

The Salvation Army to Host Events at UN Commission

3 Mar | 2013

An integral role at the Commission on the Status of Women.

The General meets with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister

The General visits Sri Lanka

20 Feb | 2013

A celebration of 130 years of Salvation Army ministry.

Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Silvia Cox, Colonel Eva Kleman and Colonel Johnny Kleman

Chief of the Staff visits Finland

20 Feb | 2013

The 'Day Before the Word' gathering to install new leaders of the Finland and Estonia Territory.

Chief of the Staff Commissioner André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox World President of Women's Ministries

Welcome to Chief of the Staff

7 Feb | 2013

IHQ Welcomes new Chief of the Staff and World President of Women's Ministries.

Grandfather and grandson

A Christmas embrace

19 Dec | 2012

A message from The Salvation Army's international leader, General Linda Bond.

General John Gowans

General John Gowans promoted to glory

9 Dec | 2012

The Salvation Army’s international leader from 1999 to 2002 will be remembered for the unique, colourful and larger-than-life personality that he was.

Salvation Army begins work in Cambodia

Salvation Army Work Begins in Cambodia

28 Nov | 2012

Salvation Army work has been officially established in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Salvation Army Emergency Services help in New York after Hurricane Sandy

Emergency response to Hurricane Sandy

1 Nov | 2012

The Salvation Army's emergency teams bring relief to devastated areas.

spain and portugal flags

Spain and Portugal to unite

2 Oct | 2012

From 1 February 2013, the two countries will unite as the Spain and Portugal Command.


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