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Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal

Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal

4 Dec | 2013

Countdown supermarkets around the country are collecting donations to help feed 17,000 families in need this Christmas.

The Christmas Food Rescue Appeal asks Kiwis to consider how they can play Santa by donating cash or making a food donation in specially marked trolleys at any Countdown store, which will then be distributed to a local Salvation Army centre.

Each of Countdown’s 167 stores will also donate a $500 trolley of groceries to their local Salvation Army, adding up to more than $83,000 worth of groceries nationwide.

"The Christmas and summer holiday period can place a lot of pressure on people and at Countdown we want to help lend a hand where we can,” says Dave Chambers, Countdown’s Managing Director.

“It can be as simple as adding an extra packet of pasta or a can of baked beans to your weekly shop and donating them before you leave the store.  Collectively these donations make a massive difference to families in need,” he says.

Countdown will feature ‘Donate this product’ signs in-store to highlight items most needed by The Salvation Army, with stores also dressing up their donation trolleys to encourage customers to put an extra couple of items in the specially marked trolley provided.

Customers can also make a cash donation at the checkout or in the donation boxes at the till.

“We’re expecting to help 17,000 families this Christmas and the value of a small donation of food or money really cannot be underestimated,” says Major Pam Waugh, The Salvation Army’s Secretary for Social Services.

“Across the year we distribute more than 56,000 food parcels but demand for our services peaks dramatically at this time of year. As people prepare to connect with their friends and family this Christmas, we ask that they make a small donation to help those less fortunate.

“If everyone gives a little, it really does add up and go a long way to making Christmas a little more joyful for those in need,” says Pam.

Dave Chambers says: “The Countdown team has the greatest respect for the work The Salvation Army does in all of our communities and it’s humbling to be able to help play a part.”

Essential food items for Kiwis in need

Shoppers can help the Food Rescue Appeal by donating essential items such as: 

  • Pasta and rice
  • Cereal
  • Spaghetti and Baked Beans
  • Canned fruit and vegetables
  • Canned fish and meat
  • Sugar and flour
  • Muesli Bars
  • Tea, coffee, Milo

The Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal is part of a year-round programme that provides more than $1.4 million in food annually to food bank partners, including The Salvation Army, Countdown’s national food bank partner. Visit