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Levi swims for Bibles

Levi Overbye swimming

23 Jul | 2014

Inspired by what he has been learning in his Salvation Army junior soldier class, nine-year-old Levi Overbye swam more than 2kms (80 laps of his local pool!) to raise $360 for Bible Society New Zealand.

Levi says, ‘I've been learning that kids all around the world don’t have the privileges in life that I do. I realise I have a lot to be thankful for.’ Levi reads his own Bible twice a week and decided to use his talents help kids around the world have Bibles of their own. He wants the money he raised to be used to buy Bible for children in China.

Levi’s coach decided to push him from the original 1.5 km goal to see if Levi could make the extra 20 laps to 2kms! ‘I felt sick and dizzy when I got out of the pool but I struggled for people who are struggling more.’

Levi, who trains twice weekly, said his family, his Salvation Army church and friends were really supportive of his Bible fundraising venture. Proud mum Kylie, a cadet at Booth College of Mission with Levi’s dad, Ralph, says, ‘It's a wonderful feeling to see Levi grow and make some really good choices in life.  I feel truly blessed to have children who love God!’

Kylie says that when they talked about using a talent Levi had to help people around the world less fortunate than him, Levi didn't think he had much to offer. But once he realised something he loves like swimming had the potential to make a difference, the challenge was on!

‘God will use us for great things no matter how old or young we are, or how insignificant we think we may be!’ says Kylie.