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Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.

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Earthquakes and Sinners

18 Nov | 2016

The Salvation Army responds to Brian Tamaki’s comments about the link between sinning and earthquakes.

Increased assistance to house the homeless welcomed

9 Nov | 2016

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett’s announcement of $300 million to support people in severe housing need is very welcome, says The Salvation Army.

Increased housing and addictions help for families in Wellington

26 Oct | 2016

The Salvation Army has celebrated new steps in helping homeless New Zealanders and families battling addiction in Wellington.

Don’t let New Zealand youth fail

19 Oct | 2016

No young person must be allowed to leave school to nothing—no job, no further training, no hope, says Salvation Army report.

Group from launch of scale up of Community Finance scheme

Low-cost Loans Scheme Expands

12 Oct | 2016

A scheme offering affordable loans for approved people on low incomes is expanding after a successful pilot.

New EP brings fresh sound to the Army

12 Oct | 2016

A new CD is aiming to showcase young talent and a fresh sound within The Salvation Army.

Will ‘right to die’ become ‘duty to die’?

21 Sep | 2016

Salvation Army asks for a consistent and universal approach to vulnerability, pain and suffering.

Annual General Change of Officers 2017

15 Sep | 2016

Appointments to take place in January 2017.

Commissioning of Cadets 2016

15 Sep | 2016

Appointments effective on Thursday 12 January 2017.


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