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Local News

Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.

Housing report a good first step

6 Aug | 2010

Report on social housing a solid start in solving the affordable housing shortage.

Tawa Corps’ Aspire Music Academy opens doors for the community

15 Jul | 2010

Four years ago, Tawa Corps took a strategic look at themselves and said ‘Okay, what strengths do we have and how can we use them?'

Whatman Early Childhood Education Centre’s future now assured

29 Jun | 2010

Solution found for Whatman families. Centre will continue under new ownership.

Last Two Teams Deployed to Samoa

29 Jun | 2010

Some nine months after a tsunami devastated parts of Samoa, The Salvation Army has just sent its last volunteer construction team to help rebuild the country’s worst-hit areas.

Hamilton Salvation Army’s social services on the move.

22 Jun | 2010

Hamilton City Corps and Hamilton Community Ministries to share central city base.

Angelic Exchanges: Speaking of God in the public sphere

27 May | 2010

The Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit announces the release of Angelic Exchanges: Speaking of God in the public sphere.

What recovery? – Sallies’ community services under pressure

3 May | 2010

Record demand for food aid, budget advice emergency housing and other services is pushing The Salvation Army’s resources to their limits.

Problem drinkers endorse call to limit alcohol consumption

22 Apr | 2010

A study of problem drinkers’ attitudes adds to the calls for substantial reform of the sale of alcohol laws.

Sanctions not the way to balance welfare books

24 Mar | 2010

The Salvation Army is concerned about the social cost of the Government’s planned benefit reforms.


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