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Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.

Salvation Army to distribute care packages in Christchurch, increases number of counsellors

10 Sep | 2010

The Salvation Army will distribute the first of 10,000 care packages to Canterbury’s earthquake-affected citizens on Monday morning.

Salvation Army sends team of counsellors to Christchurch, increases food aid capacity.

8 Sep | 2010

The Salvation Army has sent 10 counsellors and social workers to Christchurch to help residents traumatised by Saturday’s quake and its aftershocks.

Salvation Army moves into second phase of quake relief

6 Sep | 2010

The Salvation Army is putting a fresh team into Christchurch to assess and respond to the mid-term need of residents affected by Saturday’s earthquake.

Christchurch earthquake update

6 Sep | 2010

The Salvation Army in Christchurch last night cared for more than 400 Cantabrians made homeless following Saturday’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

Community spirit strong after Canterbury earthquake

5 Sep | 2010

Salvation Army emergency services in New Zealand are providing practical support and comfort after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the central South Island on 4 September. Aftershocks continue to rattle residents.

Salvation Army launches Canterbury Earthquake Appeal

5 Sep | 2010

Westpac announces Salvation Army as partners in $1 million Westpac Canterbury Care Fund.

Salvation Army appeals for funds for Canterbury earthquake response

4 Sep | 2010

Salvation Army gearing-up to provide for the welfare needs of quake victims.

Salvation Army responds after South Island earthquake

4 Sep | 2010

Salvation Army anticipates significant welfare work ahead as crisis unfolds.

Problem gambling; the carnage continues.

30 Aug | 2010

Despite a modest fall in the amount New Zealanders spent on gambling last year, demand for Salvation Army problem gambling treatment services jumped 16 per cent.


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