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Local News

Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.
two people discussing loans

Low income loan scheme aims to build opportunity and hope

13 Aug | 2014

Community Finance scheme provides affordable alternative to loan sharks.

SPPU Election series logo

Election too important to trivialise

4 Aug | 2014

Voter videos launched to help people understand more about key social issues before they vote in the General Election.

Levi Overbye swimming

Levi swims for Bibles

23 Jul | 2014

Inspired by his Salvation Army junior soldier class, nine-year-old Levi Overbye swam more than 2kms (80 laps of his local pool!) to raise $360 for Bible Society New Zealand.

Craig Hexter from Bosch with Captain Doug Newman

The challenge of homelessness

21 Jul | 2014

A stark reality of being homeless is the need to find somewhere safe and warm to sleep every night.

dice spelling the word risk

Salvation Army protests supermarket Lotto sales

2 Jul | 2014

People start out trying to win the Lotto Jackpot but end up with a far less desirable prize of a gambling problem they can’t control.

The Salvation Army Feilding Community Life Skills Garden

Reaping the benefits

17 Jun | 2014

Isolated people are finding a newfound self-confidence at The Salvation Army Feilding Community Life Skills Garden

Irene Wallace

27 years on the job

12 Jun | 2014

Irene Wallace spent 27 years in the job of helping people get jobs through The Salvation Army’s Education and Employment (E&E, formerly Employment Plus).

a group of Pasifika people

Action needed to address Pasifika inequalities

26 May | 2014

The Salvation Army releases its second state of Pacific Peoples in New Zealand report, 'This is Home'.

Captain Michael Douglas of Addictions Services

Help for synthetic high users

6 May | 2014

The Government has responded to public pressure, but still has a major public health issue on its hands.


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