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Local News

Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.
Brent Christoffersen

Helping the community in Christchurch

15 Mar | 2011

Brent Christoffersen joined The Salvation Army’s earthquake relief team in the week after the Christchurch earthquake.

Luke Geary

Neighbourhood Justice

9 Mar | 2011

‘Why should only the rich be able to choose their lawyer?’ This quandary drove Sydney based solicitor Luke Geary to become a driving force in The Salvation Army’s first humanitarian legal practice.

Earthquake Update

4 Mar | 2011

The Salvation Army is adapting its relief work as Civil Defence scales down its welfare centres in preparation for the closure of all but one centre this weekend.

Salvation Army ready for long-term response

3 Mar | 2011

The Salvation Army’s operations in quake-affected Canterbury have shifted up a gear in the past 24 hours.

Welfare and emotional support pressing needs in Christchurch

26 Feb | 2011

The Salvation Army is reporting an escalation of welfare needs in Christchurch.

Thank you, says Army leader

25 Feb | 2011

The Salvation Army continues to serve people in welfare centres. Major aftershocks are still being felt, and our people report seeing some very distressed people.

Sallies ramp-up emotional support for quake-affected people.

24 Feb | 2011

The Salvation Army has boosted the number of its psychosocial support workers in quake-affected Canterbury.

Top international track talent aims to break records for quake victims.

24 Feb | 2011

An exciting international sporting and fundraising initiative for Canterbury residents affected by the Christchurch quake will take place at Wellington’s Newtown Park on Saturday.

Salvation Army reinforcements arrive in Christchurch

24 Feb | 2011

The Salvation Army is heavily involved in providing food and psychosocial support in Christchurch, starting the day with a large complement of local and reinforcement staff from around New Zealand.


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