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Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.
Shipping containers

Modern-day slavery exposed in NZ waters

11 Dec | 2011

University of Auckland researchers revealed the first documented cases of human trafficking in New Zealand at a recent trafficking conference in Wellington.

Circling a job in a paper

Welfare policies won’t do it

2 Nov | 2011

Political parties need to start providing detail around what kind of jobs they will create and how they will achieve this or their policies to relieve unemployment will be largely worthless.

South Auckland home

Overcrowding for South Auckland communities

18 Oct | 2011

A Salvation Army survey of housing conditions in one of Auckland’s more overcrowded suburbs has found there has been no improvement in their living conditions in the past five years.

Time to cut our addiction to pokie money

31 Aug | 2011

The Salvation Army is calling on community and sporting groups to reject funding that comes from communities that can least afford to finance them.


OWSOMS Self Denial Appeal - Week 1

3 Aug | 2011

We are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. You need to be prepared. Get your passport and let’s go!

Low-income household budgets hit hard

27 Jul | 2011

Low-income families in one of NZ’s poorest suburbs are facing far higher increases than the reported consumer price index rise.

Liquor store a hazard to Cannons Creek

24 Jul | 2011

The Porirua Salvation Army is opposing the renewal of a liquor license for a Cannons Creek bottle store.

Targeted training still a solution

21 Jul | 2011

The Salvation Army is proving it is still possible to place people in danger of long-term unemployment into work.

Forecast – hot showers for Christchurch

6 Jul | 2011

Three Salvation Army-funded shower units are about to open to Christchurch’s quake-affected residents.


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