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Local News

Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.
Craig Hexter from Bosch with Captain Doug Newman

The challenge of homelessness

21 Jul | 2014

A stark reality of being homeless is the need to find somewhere safe and warm to sleep every night.

dice spelling the word risk

Salvation Army protests supermarket Lotto sales

2 Jul | 2014

People start out trying to win the Lotto Jackpot but end up with a far less desirable prize of a gambling problem they can’t control.

The Salvation Army Feilding Community Life Skills Garden

Reaping the benefits

17 Jun | 2014

Isolated people are finding a newfound self-confidence at The Salvation Army Feilding Community Life Skills Garden

Irene Wallace

27 years on the job

12 Jun | 2014

Irene Wallace spent 27 years in the job of helping people get jobs through The Salvation Army’s Education and Employment (E&E, formerly Employment Plus).

a group of Pasifika people

Action needed to address Pasifika inequalities

26 May | 2014

The Salvation Army releases its second state of Pacific Peoples in New Zealand report, 'This is Home'.

Captain Michael Douglas of Addictions Services

Help for synthetic high users

6 May | 2014

The Government has responded to public pressure, but still has a major public health issue on its hands.

Strong Support from Wellington Businesses

29 Apr | 2014

Over 170 people attended the Red Shield Appeal business breakfast at the Hotel InterContinental Wellington.

Jenny and son with Salvation Army officer

Red Shield Appeal Breakfasts

16 Apr | 2014

Join us at a Red Shield Appeal breakfast in Auckland or Wellington to support the lives of Kiwis most in need.

Stan Walker with Captains Jenny and Marcus Collings

Standing side by side with Kiwis in need

14 Apr | 2014

New Zealand’s highest profile male artist is getting behind this year's Red Shield Appeal.


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