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Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.
Major Ruth Froggatt at the Kmart Wishing Tree in Albany

Easing the pressure at Christmas

13 Dec | 2013

Last year, The Salvation Army helped 17,000 low-income client families celebrate Christmas without missing bill payments or going into debt.

Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal

Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal

4 Dec | 2013

Countdown supermarkets around the country are collecting donations to help feed 17,000 families in need this Christmas.

Raewyn Butler (PR Coordinator—Northern), Andrew Mexted-Bragg, Jason Dilger (Director, Community Ministries, Mt Albert)

Maximum benefit from minimum wage

3 Dec | 2013

Andrew Mexted-Bragg voluntarily lived close to a quarter of the year on the NZ minimum wage.

a barefooted man sitting outside a house

NZ housing policy: shaky and rudderless

13 Nov | 2013

New Zealand’s housing policy is overdue for a wide-ranging review if the nation is to avoid a deepening housing crisis.

Commissioners Robert and Janine Donaldsonat their welcoming service

New Territorial Leaders Welcomed Home

12 Nov | 2013

Commissioners Robert and Janine Donaldson return to New Zealand after four years’ service in South Africa.

The Lion King film

Family favourites at Wattie's Cans Film Festival

5 Nov | 2013

See more great family films at the 20th Wattie's Cans Film Festival.

KMART Wishing Tree appeal logo

Christmas spirit required for more than 40,000 Kiwis

4 Nov | 2013

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal has become New Zealand’s largest Christmas appeal.

Wattie's Cans Film Festival logo

Swap a can for a movie ticket

7 Oct | 2013

On 13 November, Kiwis around the country can swap a can of food for a movie ticket.

Gregory Fortuin

Employment Plus Welcomes New Director

4 Oct | 2013

Gregory Fortuin will be Interim National Director, for a 12-month period, for Employment Plus.


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