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Local stories of what is happening with The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga.
a dirty child toy in a derelict room

Child poverty and domestic violence not taken seriously enough

11 Feb | 2014

The Salvation Army today released its latest annual State of the Nation report reviewing social progress in New Zealand entitled, Striking a Better Balance.

Family choosing school supplies at Warehouse Stationery

Warehouse Stationery helps struggling families with school supplies

24 Jan | 2014

Warehouse Stationery's Back to School Appeal will help provide children’s school stationery.

tongan flag

Cyclone Ian strikes Tonga

14 Jan | 2014

The Salvation Army has launched an appeal for funds to meet educational needs of affected children.

Major Ruth Froggatt at the Kmart Wishing Tree in Albany

Spirit of giving alive at Christmas

9 Jan | 2014

Generous Kiwis donated over 40,000 gifts to the 19th Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.

Stan Walker with Captains Jenny and Marcus Collings

Stan Walker joins forces with the Sallies

19 Dec | 2013

New Zealand’s highest profile male artist has put his face behind what The Salvation Army is doing.

Major Ruth Froggatt at the Kmart Wishing Tree in Albany

Easing the pressure at Christmas

13 Dec | 2013

Last year, The Salvation Army helped 17,000 low-income client families celebrate Christmas without missing bill payments or going into debt.

Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal

Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal

4 Dec | 2013

Countdown supermarkets around the country are collecting donations to help feed 17,000 families in need this Christmas.

Raewyn Butler (PR Coordinator—Northern), Andrew Mexted-Bragg, Jason Dilger (Director, Community Ministries, Mt Albert)

Maximum benefit from minimum wage

3 Dec | 2013

Andrew Mexted-Bragg voluntarily lived close to a quarter of the year on the NZ minimum wage.

a barefooted man sitting outside a house

NZ housing policy: shaky and rudderless

13 Nov | 2013

New Zealand’s housing policy is overdue for a wide-ranging review if the nation is to avoid a deepening housing crisis.


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