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War Cry

War Cry is a fortnightly 24-page Christian magazine for Salvation Army readers and all those exploring faith issues.

Archived Copies

In 2014, we started publishing online through ISSUU. Editions are generally published four weeks after cover date.

True romance

10 Feb | 2018

A first wedding anniversary is traditionally called a ‘paper’ anniversary. Paper is vulnerable. It is easily crushed and torn—and that is what the opening stanzas of marriage are like, as a couple make their first tentative attempts at creating the poetry of life together.

The startling truth of the Treaty

27 Jan | 2018

It’s a special time of year, with its long days and extra sprinkling of public holidays. But Waitangi Day seems even more special than the others...

Walking on heights

8 Jan | 2018

I love the image from Psalm 18:33: ‘He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.’ I have heard that in the snowy mountains, a mother deer will make footprints in the snow so the baby deer can step into them and know the way to go.

Introducing Jesus

21 Dec | 2017

This is my last edition of War Cry as I take on responsibilites elsewhere in 2018. To mark the occasion, I’ve mined the archives for some favourite stories

Calling rebels, movers and shakers

2 Dec | 2017

Seven New Zealand Salvation Army officer leaders will be commissioned and ordained in Wellington next weekend, which is great. But we actually need 16 each year to keep up with retirements and resignations.

Not just a day for the boys

18 Nov | 2017

Saturday 25 November is White Ribbon Day. White Ribbon aims to end men’s violence toward women by encouraging men to lead by example and talk to other men about respectful relationships.

We're all part of team New Zealand

4 Nov | 2017

One of the early things The Salvation Army did after New Zealand’s new government was announced was to congratulate our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on social media.

Be an original

18 Oct | 2017

Hanging on the wall in our house is a large framed photograph that reads: ‘In a world of copycats, be an original.’ To me, those words capture the meaning of Romans 12:2, ‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’

Move those feet

4 Oct | 2017

I can’t dance! I have a sort-of-dance my kids mock me about, where I shuffle without moving my feet. But in the list of where Salvation Army officers will be deployed next year (see page 18), I’m going to move my feet to a new mission opportunity after 16 years with War Cry.


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