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War Cry

War Cry is a fortnightly 24-page Christian magazine for Salvation Army readers and all those exploring faith issues.

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In 2014, we started publishing online through ISSUU. Editions are generally published four weeks after cover date.

It’s a small world

23 Jul | 2016

When I was five, my parents took me to Disneyland. One of the highlights was the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride. I recall sailing past figurines of children from all over the world singing along to the simple happy tune...

Put a pause in your life

9 Jul | 2016

This edition’s feature article introduces US journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty’s research into the opportunities presented by midlife.

Car crash and calling

27 Jun | 2016

Recently, my friend Jenny and I were travelling along a dark 70 km road, when a car from a 100 km zone—with no lights —hit an island in the middle of the road. I looked in my rear view mirror just as the car smashed into the vehicle behind us.

Welcome home?

13 Jun | 2016

My brother and sister-in-law just spent two weeks in Iran. The first comment both made to me was how friendly and welcoming Iranians are—something I’ve heard a lot from people who’ve visited the country.

Fostering love

30 May | 2016

Last week, my husband and I took a big step in our family life: we attended our first class for people interested in fostering and adoption. Where God will take us on this journey, only he knows.

Avoiding the Topic

14 May | 2016

My first job for War Cry was interviewing John Kirwan about his book on parenting and child and teenage mental health. A year and a half later we’re returning to the subject of mental health.

30 April War Cry cover image

Living up to our name

30 Apr | 2016

Over January I spent three weeks with my big brother and his family as I transitioned to my new appointment here in Wellington, and we keenly awaited the birth of their fourth child and the first girl in the family.

16 April 2016 War Cry cover image

Wars and rumours of wars

18 Apr | 2016

We’re currently commemorating the centenary of the First World War, the ‘war to end all wars’, but there’s no doubt humanity is still too often drawn to warfare as a way to solve conflict.

Blessed by mercy

7 Apr | 2016

While at high school, my English class spent one entire term reading through Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Every lesson, we simply swapped parts and read through the play.


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