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War Cry

War Cry is a fortnightly 24-page Christian magazine for Salvation Army readers and all those exploring faith issues.

Archived Copies

In 2014, we started publishing online through ISSUU. Editions are generally published four weeks after cover date.

5 April 2014 War Cry cover image

Jesus recycles

4 Apr | 2014

‘Let nothing be wasted.’ It’s a principle we learn from the life of Jesus. How much in this world do we make and consume that we don’t really need? How much do we replace simply because we’re obsessed with something newer and more modern?

22 March 2014 War Cry cover image

It takes a village

19 Mar | 2014

Three young leaders feature on our War Cry cover this week. Philip White, Joel Knight and Daniel Buttar attend the same Salvation Army church and youth group, and this year they’re all head students at their respective high schools.

8 March 2014 War Cry cover image

Not my gift?

14 Mar | 2014

I confess that the subject matter of this edition’s feature had me somewhat flummoxed. Hospitality. It’s something my mother-in-law excels at, but to which I am not similarly gifted.

22 February 2014 War Cry cover image

Life after a disaster

26 Feb | 2014

It’s been three long years since a devastating earthquake struck Christchurch, causing loss of life, property and security. In this edition, the head of our work in the South Island pays tribute to the hard work of The Salvation Army after the earthquake and speaks frankly about some of the challenges that this year may bring.

8 February 2014 War Cry cover image

Take good care

13 Feb | 2014

I’ve been enjoying listening to the Christmas present my husband bought me last year. It’s a CD by Australian troubadour Paul Kelly and Kiwi music icon Neil Finn. The pair performed in an Australian tour last year and the CD (with DVD—how’s that for value!) I received for Christmas is a recording of the amazing performances that resulted.

25 January 2014 War Cry cover image

A new course of life

27 Jan | 2014

It was a real blessing to be at the commissioning and ordination of the New Zealand Disciples of the Cross training session toward the end of 2013. It’s always refreshing to see the energy and enthusiasm of those who are starting out on this particular journey.

11 January 2014 War Cry cover image

Helpful habits for life

8 Jan | 2014

Let’s not talk about New Year’s resolutions. Instead, let’s talk about setting new habits. Because if we really want to see positive change in our lives this year, helpful habits are what we need.

2013 Christmas War Cry cover image

Find yourself in the Christmas story

17 Dec | 2013

Those who follow Jesus Christ see Christmas as one of the most important chapters in God’s rescue mission for humankind. All our hopes are laid on the one who was born in Bethlehem: Jesus Christ—son of God.

30 November 2013 War Cry cover image

You ask me how I know?

26 Nov | 2013

A song in The Song Book of The Salvation Army says, ‘You ask me how I know he [Jesus] lives? He lives within my heart.’ But would this type of subjective evidence convince you Jesus is alive in the world?


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