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War Cry

War Cry is a fortnightly 24-page Christian magazine for Salvation Army readers and all those exploring faith issues.

Every edition contains:

  • Inspiring stories
  • Thought-providing articles and Bible teaching
  • Book, film and music reviews
  • Youth pages
  • Salvation Army news and coming events
  • Children’s activity page
  • Healthy recipe, crossword,
  • Budgeting, environment and health tips
14 January 2012 issue of War Cry magazine

New Year Revolution: Advice for a Healthy Lifestyle

13 Jan | 2012

This War Cry offers advice from a Wellington GP, Dr Alana Wilson, for those of us wanting to tackle health and wellbeing issues this year. I like Alana’s advice to start small. The odd step backwards is to be expected, she says. ‘Just give it another go, do it another way—no one’s perfect, so don’t expect to get it right straight away.’

17 December issue of War Cry

Where's Jesus?

17 Dec | 2011

At the end of another year, I wish all our readers a very happy and meaningful Christmas from the team here at War Cry. We pray you’ll enjoy relaxation and refreshment with family and friends over the holiday season.

It's time! Call goes out for Māori Leaders

It's time! Call goes out for Māori Leaders

3 Dec | 2011

This week I’ve been thinking about the ‘no man is an island’ idea first floated by English poet John Donne. It gets across the idea that we’re part of something bigger—we don’t thrive when we’re cut off from others, and others are impoverished when we don’t take steps to include them.

War Cry Cover 19 November 2011

On the ground in South Auckland

19 Nov | 2011

We vote every day in many of the actions we take. Whenever we turn from complacency and apathy, towards engagement and concerned action, we are voting for something positive.

5 November 2011 issue of War Cry magazine

Blue Mountain Adventure Centre: Conquer Your Own Mountain

4 Nov | 2011

A recent prayer that stood out to me asked God to break through into some challenging circumstances. ‘In the worst of times, may the best still happen’ was the prayer. Those words caught my ear because they seem to capture the positivity of the Christian experience.

22 October 2011 issue of War Cry magazine

Man vs. World

22 Oct | 2011

Adventures are encountered throughout life: a new job, getting married, being a parent, working toward a health or fitness goal, entering retirement. So many human experiences can be looked upon as adventures: a challenge is before us, the outcome is uncertain, a measure of commitment is called for, and the normal we’re used to has to be left behind.

24 September 2011 issue of War Cry magazine

The Bitter Taste of Human Trafficking

24 Sep | 2011

I’m struck again by the stark contrast between the safe world that I inhabit and the world of physical and emotional abuse, fear and torture experienced by human trafficking victims.

10 September 2011 issue of War Cry magazine

Rugby World Cup Fever

10 Sep | 2011

From Rugby World Cup kick-off on 9 September until the final siren sounds on 23 October, many of us will be living, breathing and arguing rugby. But if you’re a player or supporter of any sporting code, how did you first get into the game?

27 August 2011 issue of War Cry magazine

Choice Not Chance: Gamblefree Day

27 Aug | 2011

Gambling is not a harmless leisure pursuit; it’s a social hazard that brings misery to problem gamblers, their families and their children. But perhaps we’re prepared to overlook this if we get a flash building, or if gaming trusts fund our child’s new rugby kit?


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