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War Cry

War Cry is a fortnightly 24-page Christian magazine for Salvation Army readers and all those exploring faith issues.

Archived Copies

In 2014, we started publishing online through ISSUU. Editions are generally published four weeks after cover date.

War Cry 9 Feb edition cover image of Cindy Ruakere

Still too many inequalities

7 Feb | 2013

New Zealand has made strides in its bicultural journey. But it is still an indictment on our nation that so many inequalities remain between Maori and Pakeha. We have not yet ‘arrived’ at some bicultural nirvana. There is still a road to travel.

Let Jesus take the lead

24 Jan | 2013

It can’t be an easy life being a top sportsperson. It requires discipline—often from childhood—financial sacrifices, lots of early mornings and practices when others are simply relaxing. A few get the rewards of fame and success, although this is sometimes short-lived. And there’s the ever-present threat of injury putting paid to a promising career.

12 January 2013 War Cry cover image of Maori Ministry Hui

Up close and personal

10 Jan | 2013

At the close of 2012, I went to a Recovery Church meeting my husband was leading. Recovery Church is a Salvation Army faith community for those on the journey of recovery from addictions. We watched a clip of the Joan Osbourne song that asks ‘What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us?’

Christmas War Cry edition cover image

No greater story than Jesus

18 Dec | 2012

This Christmas edition of War Cry brings together a classic tale of English literature, The Hobbit, with a new Kiwi story, Alveridgea and the Legend of Lonely Dog. There is no greater story, however, than that of Jesus Christ, son of God. This Christmas, we commemorate his arrival into our world.

1st December War Cry cover image

The Salvation Army's open door

5 Dec | 2012

In this edition, we introduce those who are starting out as clergy within The Salvation Army. I suppose the word ‘clergy’ may seem too ‘churchy’ to be associated with The Salvation Army. But perhaps that’s because The Salvation Army didn’t start out to be a ‘church’.

17 November 2012 War Cry magazine cover image

Off the grid

20 Nov | 2012

I’ve just experienced three weeks of a partly functioning mobile phone, able to receive but not send messages. And there were times when I felt isolated.

War Cry cover image 3 November 2012

Doubt and faith

5 Nov | 2012

I do hope our readers enjoy Barry Keane’s article, which touches on a heartache some churchgoing parents experience: when their children’s Christian faith is either sidelined or dismissed as immaterial to their lives.

20 October War Cry cover image

Time for an upgrade?

16 Oct | 2012

My working career began in IT in the early 1980s. I learned a lot about running wires, connecting monitors (there was a choice of two colours back then: green or amber), and training users in the new-fangled WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) word processing. Over the years, there have been such rapid changes in computer technology. The pace of technological advance is incredible and, in the main, very useful.

6 October War Cry cover image of Nick Vujicic

Life without limits

1 Oct | 2012

The story of Nick Vujicic is one of the most inspiring I’ve come across in recent years.

Any of us would look at Nick and think that he has had an almost impossible set of obstacles to overcome in life. Being born without arms and legs is a seemingly hopeless situation, yet Nick has proved that the human spirit is able to adapt and thrive no matter how desperate life’s circumstances may seem.


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