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Regular and occasional newsletters from Social Policy Unit, including Public Sphere and STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Public sphere

March 2012 edition

11 Mar | 2012

This issue reports on the launch of the 2012 State of the Nation report and our submission on the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children.

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February 2012 edition

9 Feb | 2012

Pacific Trafficking in Persons Forum Report.

Public Sphere

December 2011 edition

19 Dec | 2011

The Unit would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and blessed Christmas and an amazing start to 2012!

Public Sphere

November 2011 edition

14 Nov | 2011

Why it's important to vote, how we're standing up against youth unemployment, and the Trafficking in Persons Forum, in this month's Public Sphere.

Public Sphere

October 2011 edition

19 Oct | 2011

The examination of world history proves that man’s inhumanity to man wasn’t always restricted by race or nationality.

Public Sphere

September 2011 edition

2 Oct | 2011

Discussions on the generation gap, and the power imbalance between lenders and borrowers in New Zealand.

Public Sphere

August 2011 edition

25 Aug | 2011

This election is a chance for political parties to listen to the voice of the people, and respond to what they hear with their policies and programmes.


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