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Our State of the Nation reports and others explore the extent of progress being made in New Zealand across key social indicators of children, crime and punishment, work and incomes, social hazards, and housing. This section also includes our annual reports on the current state of housing in New Zealand as well as other recent reports.

Off The Track - The 2017 State of the Nation Report

2 Feb | 2017

Off The Track is the 10th State of the Nation report from The Salvation Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit.

Beyond the prison gate

7 Dec | 2016

The 2016 Beyond The Prison report says changes must be made to how prisoners re-enter society for New Zealanders to feel safe and secure in their homes and communities.

What next?

2 Dec | 2016

No young person must be allowed to leave school to nothing—no job, no further training, no hope. The Salvation Army is issuing this challenge to the New Zealand community in a report titled ‘What Next?’.

Moving Targets

18 Feb | 2016

The latest report from the Social Policy & Parliamentary Unit examines how even just a small dip in economic fortunes could see many more Kiwi families fall into poverty and severe social distress, despite recent economic upturn.

Homeless baby Boomers Report Promo image

Homeless Baby Boomers

1 Dec | 2015

The latest report from the Social Policy & Parliamentary Unit looks at the issue of housing baby boomers in their retirement.

Invisible in the SuperCity

17 Nov | 2015

The 'Invisible in the SuperCity' report examines hidden homelessness in Auckland.

hard times report cover image

Hard Times

3 Aug | 2015

The 2015 Hard Times report examines homlessness in West Auckland.

Mixed fortunes

29 Jul | 2015

The 'Mixed Fortunes' report examines the geography of advantage and disadvantage in New Zealand.

Cover image of the 2015 State of the Nation report

A mountain all can climb

5 Feb | 2015

The Salvation Army's 2015 State of the Nation report, demonstrates that currently New Zealand is a place where not everyone gets support to climb the mountains they face.


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