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Our State of the Nation reports and others explore the extent of progress being made in New Zealand across key social indicators of children, crime and punishment, work and incomes, social hazards, and housing. This section also includes our annual reports on the current state of housing in New Zealand as well as other recent reports.

Housing in Mangere, Auckland

Mangere Survey Report

16 Oct | 2011

A snapshot of overcrowding in South Auckland.

A man pushing a car


28 Aug | 2011

A State of the Nation report from The Salvation Army for 2011.


Psychoactive Drugs

14 Jun | 2011

The Salvation Army's stand on psychoactive drugs.

Monopoly board with token

Monopoly Games in the Nursery

15 Mar | 2011

The Matthew effect has been likened to a Monopoly game: some succeed, while others face steadily diminishing resources.


Under the Influence

28 Aug | 2010

Reshaping New Zealand's drinking culture.

Road with light at the end

A Road to Recovery

11 Feb | 2010

A State of the Nation report from The Salvation Army for 2010.

Rose caught in barbed wire

Pacific Trafficking in Persons Forum

26 Aug | 2009

2009 forum on the crime of people trafficking, through sharing of wide expertise.

Empty beer cans

Excising Excess

16 Aug | 2009

Using alcohol taxes to reduce New Zealanders' harmful drinking.

Interislander ferry hitting a wave

Into Troubled Waters

4 Mar | 2009

A State of the Nation report from The Salvation Army for 2009.


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