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Submission to the Land Transport Amendment Bill

> download Submission to the Land Transport Amendment Bill.(PDF, 100KB)

We submit that we as a nation should seriously consider the implementation of a zero alcohol limit for all drivers regardless of age. We cannot continue to ignore the extremely high cost in lost
lives, suffering and resources that driving while intoxicated causes in our families and communities. We acknowledge that implementing a national zero-tolerance policy for driving might be difficult given the prevalence and normalcy of alcohol in our nation, and the other associated legislative, policy and practice changes that would need to happen.

But in recent years, national discussions have occurred regarding alcohol reforms and also our ‘binge drinking culture’ in New Zealand. Furthermore, national campaigns around a smoke-free New Zealand have gained huge public and political momentum in New Zealand over the last decade. We submit therefore that similar national conversations and debates are needed regarding limits for driving while intoxicated. Part of this debate should be consideration of a national zero-tolerance breath alcohol limit for all drivers.

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