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Submission to the Parole Amendment Bill

> download Submission to to the Parole Amendment Bill (PDF, 106KB)

We applaud the action to reduce the number of unnecessary parole hearings on occasions where the offender is highly unlikely to have parole granted. We submit this will likely reduce any potential anxiety felt by victims. These amendments could also reduce the likelihood of offenders and their families being given any false hope of release via numerous parole hearings.

We also support the proposed introduction of risk milestones to be given to offenders by the Parole Board to be met prior to being reconsidered as they will likely give an incentive for offenders to change their behaviour to ensure their parole and release. We applaud the introduction of measurable goals for offenders to work towards and we believe any investment and focus on effective rehabilitation and reintegration initiatives can only be another positive contribution to our criminal justice system.

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