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Submission to the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill

> download Submission to the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill (Sky City) (PDF, 145KB)

The Salvation Army believes this Bill will likely create more opportunities for people to engage in problem gambling behaviours and consequently cause more harm for an individual, their families, and their communities. This Bill will likely pass into law because the economic arguments espoused by the Bill’s proponents will probably be favoured over alternative perspectives.

However, The Salvation Army submits to this Committee that the social harm from these types of laws will haunt Aucklanders and New Zealanders for the coming generations. Furthermore, as this social harm materialises into reality, it will be initially borne by The Salvation Army and other  providers of problem gambling services, as well as by the problem gamblers’ family and friends. This likely trickle-down effect from this Bill is a far cry from the razzle-dazzle images of fun, entertainment, and a busy convention centre proposed by the Sky City Entertainment Group Ltd (Skycity) and their supporters.

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