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The Social Policy Unit's provides regular submissions to Government about their policies and plans on a wide range of important issues.

Corrections submission bill

Submission to Corrections Amendment Bill

30 Jul | 2012

A submission to the bill by SPPU.

gambling machines

Gambling Amendment Bill 2010

11 Jul | 2012

A submission to the bill by SPPU.

customes form

Customs and Excise Tobacco Amendment Bill

11 Jul | 2012

A submission to the bill by SPPU.

Jail image

Administration of Community Sentences and Orders Bill

10 Jul | 2012

A submission on the Community Sentences and Orders Bill.

Bail Amendment Bill submission

Submission to Bail Amendment Bill

10 Jul | 2012

Looking at the Bail Amendment Bill and its implications and issues.


Submission on Immigration Amendment Bill

1 Jul | 2012

A submission on the proposed Immigration Amendment Bill.

Child health

Submission to Health Select Committee

7 May | 2012

An inquiry into preventing child abuse and improving children’s health outcomes.

social security

Submission on Social Security Bill

13 Apr | 2012

What are the foundations on which we should base a welfare system for the 21st Century?

submission on corrections bill

Submission on the Corrections Bill

12 Apr | 2012

Submission on the Corrections Bill, advocating for rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners.


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