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The Bigness of Smallness

Explores whether bigger is always best.

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There some parts of this thing called Christianity that I still struggle to understand. I won’t bore you with every single one … or else it could be a very long article. But I will mention one thing: Big-ness. Or maybe, more accurately, it’s smallness that I’m talking about here.

Why does it seem (well to me, at least) that there is this incessant drive in modern Christianity to seek God with and in the big-ness? Why is there this drive for big youth services, rallies, outreaches and 20,000-plus strong crusades? Why do I keep hearing things like ‘I’m waiting for the next big move of God’ or ‘I’m waiting for the big revival’ from some believers? Why do I turn on my TV on Sunday mornings and hear local and overseas pastors pushing prosperity-laden messages about letting people know you’re blessed with your lifestyle and possessions, and about the need for a new and bigger ‘house’ (i.e. church building)?

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