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Confront and challenge your thinking with these faith and justice-driven articles.


Unprincipled Misery

19 Oct | 2011

Chris Frazer explores how migration becomes human trafficking, and how the promise of a new life becomes unprincipled misery.

The bigness of smallness

The Bigness of Smallness

18 Aug | 2011

Explores whether bigger is always best, or is there greatness in the smallness?

When will people learn?

The Psychology of Economics

14 Jul | 2011

The psychology of economics, and what that has to do with loan sharks.

The Winter of our Content

The Winter of our Content

10 Jun | 2011

Alan Johnson asks whether we should have so much confidence in our economists.

The Chaos Matters

The Chaos Matters

10 Jun | 2011

Malcolm Irwin explores how chaos and creativity could re-ignite The Salvation Army’s first flame.

The good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Scandal

2 Apr | 2011

How ‘getting off a donkey’ changed what we thought we knew.

The deserving and the undeserving

Choice or Chance

19 Mar | 2011

An opinion piece from Alan Johnson on the focus of public spending after the Christchurch earthquake.

Man receiving money

Ancient Questions & Welfare Futures

2 Feb | 2011

In this issue Malcolm Irwin explores the present welfare debate and the theology of social welfare.

Woman with credit card

Live Simply

29 Oct | 2010

Unwrap consumerism so others may simply live.


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