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NZCU Baywide 'CAN DO' 2014

NZCU Baywide 'CAN DO' poster

With The Salvation Army predicting that food banks will see a significant increase in demand for food parcels over the coming weeks due to the recent cold snap, local credit union NZCU Baywide’s ‘Can Do’ initiative couldn’t be more timely.

Throughout the month of August, NZCU Baywide will be encouraging its members and the wider community to donate much-needed cans of food for their local food bank. 

'We know through talking with our own members that winter is a really tough time for many people in our community,' says NZCU Baywide CEO, Gavin Earle 'People are struggling with already tight budgets and have to somehow pay for increased power bills to keep warm as well as often increased medical bills due to the various winter bugs.

'Our Can Do initiative aims to assist people in our community and enable them to put food on the table for their families and hopefully help lighten the financial burden a little.'

NZCU Baywide’s 16 branches across the North Island will be acting as food bank depots for the month of August. Staff have volunteered to collect cans outside their local supermarket and the credit union is also working with local schools to get as many cans as possible for the food banks.

Demand for Salvation Army food parcels remains at a higher level than prior to the recession.The Army has seen an increase in the number of working poor (those in employment but whose incomes are outstripped by rising living costs) requiring assistance with food parcels.

In 2013, more than 56,700 parcels were issued, with nearly 29,000 families receiving assistance through its food banks. 

Last winter in Palmerston North, The Salvation Army distributed 841 food parcels between April and September. Local NZCU Baywide staff in the region are right behind the can drive.  

'Our team already pride themselves on having a ‘Can Do’ attitude so we are really excited to be able to work with The Salvation Army to help provide our local food bank especially when there is such a need in our community. It is great that we are able to help in this small way,' says NZCU Baywide Palmerston North’s Marilyn Love.

Major Pamela Waugh, The Salvation Army’s Secretary for Social Services, says the support of organisations such as NZCU Baywide to facilitate food fundraising drives to restock food banks through the winter periods makes a significant difference to the organisation’s ability to help families in need. 

'During winter our public donations tend to reduce just at the time that our clients need food parcels the most, so we greatly appreciate the significant and practical help that NZCU Baywide staff are providing throughout August to collect food cans across their branches. 

'NZCU Baywide’s Can Do campaign is a great example of how businesses can help make an important and positive difference to their local communities,' explains Major Waugh.

The Can Do can drive will take place from 1 – 31 August 2014 in all 16 of NZCU Baywide branches.

How to donate

  • From 28 July, 'like' and NZCU Baywide will donate a can for you
  • During August, drop cans of food into your local NZCU Baywide Branch.

The Salvation Army very much appreciates the support of NZCU Baywide for our work with Kiwis in need over the cold winter months.

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