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Child Sponsorship

Cherish a ChildCountless children are hungry and sick. They have nowhere to sleep and they cannot go to school.

With your financial support, The Salvation Army can help care for children in need. You can help children develop into healthy, happy, fulfilled young people.

How do I sponsor a child?

To become a sponsor today and invest in a child's future for as little as $25 per month, please complete a sponsorship request form. We would ask that if possible this commitment be for at least one year.

> Download a sponsorship application form (PDF, 84KB)

If you prefer, there is also an option to sponsor a home or centre rather than a child.

What happens once I apply for sponsorship?

When your sponsorship request is received, a child is selected for you from profiles sent to us. You will then receive a sponsorship card containing a photograph, your child's name, date of birth, a brief family history and present circumstances, along with any special needs the child may have.

Our aim is to provide you with news of your child's development. Should you wish to write to your child, this can be arranged through Salvation Army Child Sponsorship personnel. The contact details will be included in your sponsorship card.

Contact us

For more information regarding child sponsorship or to submit your application form, please contact:

Child Sponsorship Secretary - Major Helen Knowles
PO Box 6015, Marion Square
Wellington 6141
Phone: +64 4 802 6269 ext 24846
Fax: +64 4 802 6259
Email: Child Sponsorship Secretary

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