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Trimming a hedge brings back the sun

Marsh hedge project trim

16 Jul | 2012

Marsh New Zealand staff lend a helping hand.

Volunteer Awareness Week marks New Zealand’s largest celebration of volunteers, volunteerism, and civic participation.

To fit in with this year’s theme of ‘Building communities through volunteering’, Marsh New Zealand encouraged their staff nationwide to volunteer in their communities.

In early July, a team of five Marsh employees spent a day trimming a hedge for an older woman who is being assisted by The Salvation Army Senior Services Programme in Auckland.

The hedge along her driveway had grown out of control as she is severely affected by a stroke and is unable to manage the prolific growth. Added to that, the overgrown hedge was cutting out the sun to her lounge where she spends most of her day.

Salvation Army Northern Public Relations Coordinator Raewyn Butler and Senior Services Coordinator Lisa Fe’ao were there on the day to help out and acknowledge the support of the Marsh team.

Lisa says the client has had a hard time and it is great for something positive to happen in her life. ‘She has told me they have done a wonderful job and the sun is pouring in now.’

A benefit of volunteering is the sense of achievement gained when doing something worthwhile in your local community.  One member of the Marsh team says it felt amazing to be able to help the client and see how much of a positive difference it made to her daily life. ‘I went home afterwards feeling really accomplished and just so happy that we could make a difference to someone’s life’.

The Salvation Army thanks Marsh New Zealand along with their employees for their valued support of a Kiwi in need.

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