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Child Sponsorship

Countless children are hungry and sick. They have nowhere to sleep and they cannot go to school.

With your financial support, The Salvation Army can help care for children in need. You can help children develop into healthy, happy, fulfilled young people.

You can make a difference

With a regular commitment of $30 per month, thats around $1 a day

> Download the 2016 sponsorship application form (PDF, 96KB)

Choose to support either an individual child or contribute to the development of many children in a Salvation Army run centre.

Individual child sponsorship

Individual child sponsorship addresses the needs of a specific child. You will help with education, healthcare, food and shelter for the child you sponsor. When you sign up you may indicate any preference you have for age, gender and location and our team will select the child who best matches your criteria.

We work with individual children in the following locations: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Congo, Fiji, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Tonga.

Centre sponsorship

Centre sponsorship focuses on the needs of many children through programmes targeted at specific areas of need within each community. We have a range of programmes available.

What you need to know

  • Once we’ve received your application a welcome pack will be sent with a photo, history sheet and information about the child/centre you are sponsoring.
  • You’ll be sponsoring your child right through their education to the point where the child is self supporting or their circumstances change for the better.
  • The money you donate goes straight to the child or centre you sponsor. (The Salvation Army keeps 6% towards the costs of administration).
  • You’ll receive mail from your child a couple of times a year and are welcome to write to them.
  • If you said ‘yes’ to automatic payments on your application form, payments will be made from your account at the requested interval.

Your donation

94% of your donation is sent overseas. The 6% administrative fee retained partly covers the costs of postage, bank charges and printing. All other expenses are covered by The Salvation Army.

We would prefer if you could commit to sponsorship for a minimum of one year. We understand that circumstances for sponsors may change. If you fi nd you are unable to continue at any time please contact us to discuss your options.


Payments can be made manually or automatically. Manual payments can be made by cheque or credit card. Automatic Payments can be made from your credit card or bank account.


For more information:

Major Helen Knowles
Territorial Child Sponsorship Secretary
Phone: (04) 802 6269 ext 24846
Email: Major Helen Knowles