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f.o.o.d Programme

f.o.o.d - Families Offer One DollarBy setting aside just $1 a week you can help relieve hunger in underdeveloped and famine-prone countries.

What is f.o.o.d?

'Families Offer One Dollar' is a project that seeks to remind Christians in developed countries of their responsibility towards the millions of deprived and starving people in under-developed and famine-prone countries.

f.o.o.d encourages Salvationists and friends to set aside $1 per family per week as a positive and continuing commitment to the world's hungry.

Your f.o.o.d contribution can be placed in the collection plate in an envelope marked 'FOOD' at your corps, or posted at regular intervals to:

THQ Finance
The Salvation Army FOOD Project

PO Box 6015, Wellington 6141

Suggested payments: Annually $52.00, Half Yearly $26.00, Quarterly $13.00. Please make cheques payable to: 'The Salvation Army FOOD Project'.

f.o.o.d updates

If you would like to be sent a quarterly f.o.o.d update by post or email, please send your information to:

f.o.o.d Project Manager
P O Box 24306
Royal Oak
Auckland 1345
Phone: +64 9  639 1120