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Your choice today will give them choice tomorrow

Every time you donate to The Salvation Army, you are reaching out to help fellow Kiwis in need. This is an amazing gift.

This year, the creation of the Next Generations initiative will provide designated funding to provide a nurturing, educating and positive environment for upcoming generations of New Zealanders. By allocating money in this way, a focus can be made on families and programmes that support them, to positively impact the next generation.

The impact of our work continues beyond the first 1000 days, flowing into generations to come. 

"The greatest legacy we can leave is to make the world a better place for the generations that follow" Commissioner Mark Campbell, Territorial Commander.

One family at a time, we can together reshape our communities, adding resilience and positivity to the next generation.

Our target is to raise $1million so we can support 1,000 children for 1,000 days.

That's just $1 per child per day–how many children would you like to support?