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Be Bold: From Equality to Equity on International Day of the Girl

All Salvationist girls and young women (6-25 years) are invited to make history, by creating or performing on this year's International Day of the Girl theme 'Be Bold: From equality to equity for girls'. Submissions will be broadcast around the world as The Salvation Army participates for the first time in this international event. Read on for details of how to enter!

Every year on October 11th, the United Nations invites the world to celebrate the International Day of the Girl. This is an opportunity to really 'see' girls: see the challenges they face in achieving their dreams, see the awesome diversity of their experiences around the globe and see all the ways we can celebrate the girls and young women in our life. Colonel Janet Munn, Director of The Salvation Army's International Social Justice Commission tells us, 'This will be the first year The Salvation Army will have an event in celebration of the International Day of the Girl. You can be a part of history.'

Entering your International Day of the Girl performance:

'Salvationist girls from every territory are invited to create a video in the form of a song, dance, poetry, drama, TikTok or a musical talent - individual or group', on this year's United Nations' International Day of the Girl theme 'Be Bold: From Equality to Equity for Girls'.

Janet says that 'the purpose is to celebrate your talents and creativity with others in The Salvation Army, as you explore this year’s theme. We will also share your submissions with the United Nations.' Submissions will be overseen by Major Victoria Edmonds who says, 'The information that we receive for the Day of the Girl is only used for the Day of the Girl.  We are very protective of the information we get and we don’t use it in any other context.' Let's get creative!

Theme: Be Bold: From Equality to Equity for Girls
Submission requirements: Provide a Youtube or Google Drive link of your performance and a signed consent form (Consent Form is located at the bottom of the page)
Deadline: 11 September 2020 
Email: | Attention: Major Victoria Edmonds

Be Bold: From equality to equity for girls

Equality and equity begin in different places.

Equality begins with resources. Everyone receives the same amount, regardless of their need or the final outcome. 
Equity begins with people. Everyone receives the amount of resources they need, in order to achieve a just outcome.

How will you communicate being bold, as a young woman or girl? In what ways do you think girls need equity to achieve their dreams? If you have any questions on the theme, reach out to your Corps Officers or a trusted adult and see what they have to say about 'Be Bold: From equality to equity for girls' in their lives.

Livestreamed Salvation Army Submissions from International Day of the Girl

Colonel Janet Munn tells us that The Salvation Army can expect something special from 2020's Day of the Girl. 'This year because we want to highlight all those who submit their item to us, we are going to do a virtual event for those in The Salvation Army.' This means that all the girls and young women who share their pieces will get the opportunity to be seen alongside their sisterhood around the world. Janet wants all girls and young women to know that 'we look forward to your participation and creative ways to Speak Out and Be Bold. Your creativity is welcome! Thank you, God bless you and Be Bold!'.

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