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About this Appeal

One step away from supporting Kiwis in need.


There are Kiwis across New Zealand living on the edge. So many people who are one step away from disaster and chaos.

But you can help:

To make ends meet like Mark...

Developing a practical household budget is often a key point in providing a way forward. With other tailored support, like advocacy and social work, the family can often work together to become independent. Creating opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

To stop someone crumbling like Sophie...

Support continues a pathway of long-term change, upheld by our many additional wraparound services. Courses like the Positive Lifestyle Programme (PLP) helps deal with depression, anger, grief and stress, building self-esteem and gaining skills in assertiveness, goal setting and problem-solving. 

To help put food on the table for families like Nicola's...

Food is often the first step in receiving wraparound support for whānau in need. Providing quality, nutritious filling food gives families the opportunity to move past feeling hungry, and look towards making positive changes for a better future.

How You Can Help

Your support is essential to all of the services we provide. This next step that you take will enable the comprehensive response to help our fellow Kiwi take the next step to the new life they desire. We are all only one step away from needing assistance ourselves. Unthought of and unwelcome life events, or significant changes in personal situations brings people to our doorstep
day after day. We aim to support and assist all who come to us for help.

You are one step away from helping us help others and, with your support, we can wrap around those seeking our help with an array of services like Financial Mentoring, Transitional Housing, Positive Lifestyle Programmes and Counselling Support, to name just a few. It is with these supportive services that people can take the next step.

One more step to rebuilding their lives the way that Nicola, Mark and Sophie were able to.

Take a step with us today.

Take a step with us every month.

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For other ways to donate:

We know that many of you like to make direct donations using online banking. Please use the information below to assist you.

  • The Salvation Army bank account is: BNZ 02 0568 0091726 00.
  • Please enter 'Red Shield Appeal' under 'Particulars/Details' on your online payment form.
  • To enable us to send you a donation receipt, please enter your supporter number (if known) in the 'Reference' field on your online payment form. If you are a current supporter of The Salvation Army, you'll find your 6 or 7-digit supporter number at the top right of any letter we send you. If you do not know your supporter number, email Public Relations with your details and we'll let you know the number.


Donations by credit card can be made online or by calling 0800 53 00 00.


The Salvation Army is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, registered number CC37312. This means The Salvation Army is exempt from income tax. The Army also has Donee Status from IRD, meaning donations of $5 or more may qualify for a tax credit. The Salvation Army IRD number is: 11-264-190.

In The Media:

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Behind the Scenes

This Red Shield Appeal, we wanted to share with you the behind the scenes of the creation of the 2023 advert. In this we explain the reason why we have used actors and we celebrate the stories from real people in need who have benefited from coming to The Salvation Army. All the care and support is only available because of generous Kiwis like you that make this possible.