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A Simple Book of Suffrage Prayers printable

The following collection of intercessory prayers were written by prophet and advocate Rosy Keane of Women’s Ministries, for each of the women who responded to The Salvation Army New Zealand Women’s Ministries call to celebrate our nation's history of women's suffrage.

Suffrage has a dual meaning: intercessory prayers and the legal right to vote.

On September 19th 2018, Aotearoa New Zealand celebrated 125 years of women’s suffrage, when we became the first country in the world to reward the tireless efforts of women with the right to vote. The Salvation Army New Zealand Women’s Ministries urged all our Corps and centres throughout the nation to have women preach on every platform in commemoration.

Our women mobilised online using #OurWomenPreach as our call to action, with temporary tattoos and photos of our women proudly proclaiming the message of the resurrection. Rosy asked for the name of every woman who was preaching in our movement over that time, and as many names as she received, she wrote prayers of intercession and encouragement in response. This booklet is a collection of those blessings and prayers, which we invite you to use in your setting today.

This book is also for every woman, child and man who responds to the call of God, every day, no matter the cost, from here to eternity.

May these prophecies bless the Body as you use, read and hear them. 

Printing A Simple Book of Suffrage Prayers Booklet

  • Download and print the file A6 A Simple Book
  • Print this double-sided, and choose the option 'Flip on Long Edge'
  • Staple the booklet in the middle
  • Cut to size

A6 A Simple Book - Print D/S, Flip Long Edge

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Size: 1.12 MB
Date: 24 Jul 2021

A4 A Simple Book

Type: PDF
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Date: 24 Jul 2021